Mydlands Site Map

Do you want to know where something is, but can't find it? Maybe you were in one of the subdirectories that has a page not listed on the main index page. This sitemap can help.

Mydlands main directory:

actors.html Actors profiled on this site
ao.html Ancient One character page
arina.html Arina character page
captions.html BeastMaster Crazy Captions
characters.html Characters profiled on this site
coleman.html Graeme Coleman, composer
dar.html Dar character study
everything.html Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned From the BeastMaster (humor/wisdom)
fanmail.html Where to send Fan Mail
features.html Mydlands special features
ferrets.html Kodo and Podo's ferret-paloosa
goddard.html Daniel Goddard information
hjalmar.html Hjalmar character page
humor.html Humor on this site
iara.html Iara character page
listff.html BeastMaster bulletin boards, mailing lists and Fan Fiction archives
links.html BeastMaster WWW links, general sites and main cast
links2.html Links for actors in minor roles or their characters
mhautograph.html Marjean Holden autographed photo
online.html BeastMaster Online
paterson.html David Paterson biography
raine.html Jackson Raine information
reviews.html BeastMaster reviews from fans and media
sitemap.html You are here!
s2cast.html Season 2 cast member additions
tao.html Tao Character Study
updates.html Updates page
world.html Tao's Map of the BeastMaster's World (season 1)
world2.html Tao's Map of the BeastMaster's World (season 2)
youknow.html You know you've been watching too much BeastMaster when (season 1)
youknow2.html You know you've been watching too much BeastMaster when (season 2)

Daniel Fitzgerald/Sharak Fan Site
birds.html "Birds" Gallery
fitzgerald.html Daniel Fitzgerald Biography
gallery1.html "The Last Unicorns", "The Guardian" & "The Slayer" Gallery
gallery2.html "The Burning Forest" Gallery
gallery3.html "Rescue" Gallery
sharak.html Sharak character study
sharakqa.html Questions and answers about Sharak
wallpaper.html Sharak and Dan computer wallpaper

Emilie de Ravin/Curupira Fan Site
agent.html Emilie's Agent
curupira.html Curupira, Demon of Forest and Game Animals
de_ravin.html Emilie's Biography
demon_delights.html Curupira's Demon Delights Breath Mints
filmography.html Emilie's actress filmography
links.html Emilie/Curupira Links

Mydlands Fan Fiction
arteris1.html Arteris: The Look-Alike, Chapter 1
arteris2.html Arteris: The Look-Alike, Chapter 2
eluard.html Paul Eluard poem, inspiration to unplublished fan fic
tabermann.html Tommy Tabermann poem, inspiration to unpublished fan fic

Mydlands Sorceress Haven
autograph.html Monika Schnarre and Marjean Holden autographed photo
msgallery1.html Sorceress Gallery 1
msgallery2.html Sorceress Gallery 2
quotes.html The Quotable Sorceress
schnarre.html Monika Schnarre
sorceress.html The Sorceress

BeastMaster Episode Quotes
Season One
101.html The Legend Continues
102.html Obsessions
103.html The Island
104.html A Simple Truth
105.html Amazons
106.html The Demon Curupira
107.html The Umpatra
108.html The Last Unicorns
109.html Circle of Life
110.html The Riddle of the Nymph
111.html Valhalla
112.html The Slayer
113.html The Minotaur
114.html The Guardian
115.html The Chameleon
116.html A Devil's Deal
117.html Tears of the Sea
118.html The Burning Forest
119.html The Golden Phoenix
120.html Gemini
121.html Rescue
122.html Revelation
Season Two
201.html Manlinks
202.html Iara
203.html Seer
204.html Orpheo
205.html Xinca
206.html Ghosts of the Forest
207.html Rage
208.html White Tiger
209.html Heart Like a Lion
210.html Gone
211.html Golgotha
212.html Tao's Brother
213.html Wild Child
214.html Mate for Life
215.html Centaurs
216.html The Fifth Element
217.html A Terrible Silence
218.html Birds
219.html Mydoro
220.html Game of Death
221.html Regeneration
222.html Clash of the Titans

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