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Daniel as Sharak with Monika Schnarre as the Sorceress

Daniel Fitzgerald plays Sharak in some episodes of BeastMaster. He has a very unique role in the show because Sharak was a man who has been cursed to live eternally as an eagle. I have enjoyed every single time that Daniel gets to come on the show as Sharak; he is one of my most favorite people on the show.

On my Sharak page, I originally had a list of unanswered questions. Daniel found my web site and gave me some answers to the questions I had asked. After I got over the shock of actually receiving an email from the man, I decided that this information was just too juicy to keep to myself.

The following has information about production episode 20, The Burning Forest, which will be aired in the USA as episode 18 the week of April 17, 2000. The episodes are not aired in order of production number. In Daniel's answers he is referring to the production number and not the airing order number.


Do Not Read Any More If You Are Afraid of Spoilers!

Daniel as Sharak in 'The Last Unicorns'

Question: Does Dar know the secrets of Sharak's past?

Daniel's answer:
"Dar does not know the secrets of Sharak's past. In Episode 20, where Sharak is transformed by the Ancient One in order to rescue the Sorceress, and enlists Dar's help (anonymously), Dar recognises something in Sharak that is familiar, but before he can put his finger on it, I disappear."

Question: Does Dar know that Sharak has actually been a man?

Daniel's answer:
"See above. I am with him for much of Episode 20, we get into fights and stuff. Quite a blast, although I am annoyed they didn't let me use any sorcery. Maybe that would've blown my cover??"

Question: Why did the Ancient One curse Sharak?

Daniel's answer:
"The Ancient One's curse was for choosing mortal emotions (love)over my pursuit of immortality. It touches on this in Last Unicorns, but doesn't go into it deep enough, really."

Question: Will Sharak ever break the curse and become a man with a mortal life?

Daniel's answer:
"Sharak does not regain a mortal life in this series. And I haven't been briefed by Coote/Hayes what they are doing with me in the next series. I am sure if I do become a mortal my role will probably end then and there, but it would be nice if it didn't!! I am pretty sure I will consummate my love affair with the Sorceress, though. Will keep you posted..."

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Thank you, Daniel!

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