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Tao: Dar, Iíve been thinking.
Dar: Thatís your problem.
Tao: What?
Dar: You should be watching while you walk.
Tao: Oh, so youíre saying I shouldnít be walking and thinking at the same time?
[Dar nods.]
Tao: Well, I assure you that Iíve been doing this my whole life. Walking; thinking. Eating; thinking. Resting; thinking. I think Iím even thinking while Iím sleeping.
Dar: Iím sure you are.
Tao: Good. good, Ďcause thinking is a very serious business. If we didnít think, where would we be?
Dar: Walking.
Tao: I canít believe you said that.

Tao: Think! Think! Think and run.

Sorceress: Ancient One? What in the world are you doing?
Ancient One: Not thinking.
Sorceress: Not thinking?
Ancient One: Yes. Putting myself in touch with the harmony of this universe, although it is rather difficult when one is constantly interrupted.
Sorceress: And this is how itís done?
Ancient One: Itís how it will be done on earth as it is in heaven and other more tantalizing locations.
Sorceress: And what kinds of thoughts are you not having?
Ancient One: Playful speculations: the future of mankind, the dubious niche left for good in this joyless world, and some random snippets regarding the use of the smile as an agent for healing. Would you like to see?
Sorceress: Your thoughts? On those matters? I donít think so.
Ancient One: Good answer.

Dar: So why did you go to the Territories?
Olwen: I know of a place where I can be safe. A warrior was supposed to meet me and guarantee my safe passage.

Olwen reading Darís thoughts: Yes, Iím alright and yes we should get away from here.

King Zad: Surely you must have better news to bring me.
[Terron grunts "no".]
King Zad: I could torture you and kill you,. Bleed you then kill you. Crush your fat head like a beetle on a rock. But I am a man of compassion. Am I not?
Terron: You are.
King Zad: I share that compassion with my men. I understand that itís not your fault that you lost the woman that I sent you to find. Things happen. None of you are perfect, but failure has a price. Pay it and then get your miserable face out of my sight.

Olwen: Where are you taking me?
Dar: You donít have to be afraid.
Olwen: Iím not afraid of you.
Dar: I know a cave. My friend Tao will be waiting there in the morning with Ruh. Heís another friend.
Olwen: Whatís it like to have a friend who is a tiger?
Dar: Sometimes I think weíre like brothers. Other times, I donít understand him at all.
Olwen: Do you trust each other?
Dar: Completely.
Olwen: Then itís like a good brother in any family.
Dar: You know, I think animals make a good family. For me, at least, they do.
Olwen: And Tao?
Dar: Taoís a good friend. He teaches me things and he makes me laugh.
Olwen: But he talks too much.

Tao: You wouldíve been proud of me today, Ruh. I mean, I know that Dar sent you to look after me, but you didnít need to. I made pretty good work of that Terron on my own. From now on, people will have to refer to me as Tao the Mighty.

You know, I could learn to fight. Itís not all about strength and daring. Being a warrior requires intelligence, too. Iím going to start thinking about it again, do some experimenting. You donít understand a word Iím saying, do you?

You just go to sleep. Iím going to take the first watch. No need to look after me.
[Tao hears a forest noise.]
How about you take the first watch? Thatís a much better plan.

Sorceress: You look angry.
King Zad: I was, but seeing you... like a tide pulled by the moon, my anger recedes.

King Zad: You're a bad liar, Beastmaster. On the other hand, Iím a magnificent liar.

Dar: You're not only a magnificent liar, youíre a killer. You murder your own men.
King Zad: A little murder now and then teaches them to obey. Place some sugar within their reach, theyíll do whatever you want. Keep the knife closer in case they donít.

King Zad: Look around you. We live in a world of chaos, Beastmaster. Random violence. Acts against civilization. I wish to repair that. I want to bring order into our world.
Dar: Your order?
King Zad: Yes, and there can be no other. I wonít tolerate it.

Dar: Zad, you should really teach your men how to fight.

Dar to Tao: No matter what, you always see the good in things.

Tao: I just donít trust her. [Arina]
Dar: Trust me

King Zad: Sorceress! Oh, you've got firm hands. I like that in a woman.
Sorceress: Youíre weak, soft, full of aches and pains. Should I like that in a man?

King Zad: No one humiliates me and lives long enough to enjoy the moment.
Sorceress: So proud. So completely deluded. Now I like that in a man.

Arina to Dar: You wonít kill me. Itís not in your nature.

Tao: Olwen, hold a good thought.

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