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Tao about Ruh: Heís not a happy cat.

Tao: Today is a day of change. Tomorrowís the beginning of the new season. Todayís sun is as low as it will get in the sky. It is also a day when spirits walk the earth and curses have their greatest power.
Dar: I didnít think you believed in superstitions.
Tao: I donít, but they make for great stories. Iíll try and think of one before nightfall.

Dar: What are you doing here?
Arina: Hunting. Like you.
Dar: I donít hunt.

Tao: Why are you doing this?
Iara: Insurance in case Dar decides heís got something better to do than catch the panther for me.
Tao: You donít know him too well, then, do you?
Iara: No, I donít, but Iíd like to.

Iara: Careful. Youíre the Beastmasterís little friend, not mine.

Arina: Who was that woman in the pond?
Dar: Iara. Sheís a demon.

Ancient One to Iara: I must admit I expected you a little sooner. Did you get lost?

Ancient One: That wasnít very nice.
Iara: You asked me to release him. You didn't say anything about where or being nice.

Arina: So thatís how it is. You only get close when the nights cold and the fireís burning low.
Dar: Actually it was the other way around. Remember?

Tao: Ruh. Am I happy to see you.
[Ruh growls.]
Tao: Yes, yes. Iím following. I'm following. I hope you take me to Dar. Have I got a story to tell him.

Iara: The pantherís not your real enemy. You real enemy is with your friend Arina right now.
Dar: Arinaís in danger?
Iara: You fear for her, meaning you care for her. You choose your friends too quickly, Dar, and you know your enemies too late.

Tao: Then I heard a roar and I thought Iara had sent some new hell after me. So I picked this up to defend myself.
Dar: What is it?
Tao: A thorn of the mountain. My uncle says it has the power to slay evil spirits.
Dar: I thought you said you werenít superstitious.
Tao: Iím not, but they say bad things happen in threes. Now so far Iíve been trapped under a pond and thrown into a pit of snakes, and on days like today even the most rational man starts grasping at straws, or this.

Orpheo: Iíve never stopped loving you, Arina. Those feelings survive everything, even death.

Orpheo: Is he [Dar] important to you?
Arina: Only because I hunt him.
Orpheo: You found new ways to hunt.

Tao: Great. Now weíre going to help someone we donít like based on the word of someone who never tells us the truth.

Tao: You know, I've heard stories like this before. Black cats that travel with spirits from the world beneath the world. Theyíre call familiars.
Dar: A familiar?
Tao: An evil servant from an evil spirit from beyond the grave.
Dar: This isnít one of you little "Day of Change" evil spirit stories, is it?
Tao: No. Yes.

Iara: But heís dead already. What more can happen to him?
Ancient One: There are many fates far worse than death. Why even you know that.

Tao: Next time he will kill you.
Dar: Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Tao: Look, I prefer my friends alive, and while you are alive, I donít know how you can fight someone whoís dead.
Dar: Well, Iíll have to try, wonít I?

Ancient One: I told you there was more to this.
Iara: You could make it happen.
Ancient One: I canít change fate, my dear.
Iara: Oh, but I thought you could do anything.
Ancient One: Well, I do start things, then I leave it up to the individual. I must say, I rather enjoy the lack of responsibility.

Tao: There is no other choice. Thorn of the mountain.
Dar: Iíd rather trust my staff.
Tao: No, Dar, trust this. This is not an animal.

Orpheo: After that final battle, when all I could see were the dead, I knew I couldnít live without you.
Arina: You took your own life.
Orpheo: I committed the gravest sin to offer up my soul to be with you, but all I got was torment because you were not there.

Orpheo to Arina: I will wait for you.

Arina: He was a good man once, and we truly did love each other.
Dar: I don't think love like that dies even if those who share it do.

Ancient One: Humans arenít like us in life or death, but sometimes in love thereís a certain grace in the dance. I, myself, take more pride in the art of manipulation and have great respect for those who practice it.

Dar: Can I ask you a question?
Tao: Ask away.
Dar: That story you told me about the thorn of the mountain, was it true?
Tao: Every word.
Dar: Tao, youíre a man of reason and now you tell me you entrust our lives with superstitions?
[Tao nods.]
Dar: You didnít find it strange that the thorn was real, but it was meant to deal with a creature that never really existed?
Tao: I travel with a man who talks with animals. Iíve seen wizards and demons, and Iíve just come to accept that there are many things between heaven and earth that no man can ever understand.
Dar: You never cease to amaze me.

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