The Eyes of Sharak

Sharak, the great eagle

Sharak was once a man who was deeply in love with the Sorceress.They both were cursed by the Ancient One. Sharak has been cursed to live forever and eternally roam the sky. The Sorceress was cursed to never have her memories of him or their love.

Sharak in his human form

According to the BeastMaster home site: "A noble eagle with a mysterious past, Sharak must suffer immortality. His memories will haunt him, but he will make the best of his situation. In Dar, Sharak will find a true friend; in turn, Sharak will help Dar on his journeys, allowing the Beastmaster to see through his eyes. With his "eagle-eyed" vision, Sharak will aid Dar as he searches for Kyra."

In short, Sharak is the eyes of Dar, the BeastMaster. He provides far away and aerial vision if Dar is ever in need. Dar gives Sharak a human companion. Sharak doesn't share all his secrets with Dar. He has one large and hidden detail from his past.

Sharak with the Ancient One

While the character of human Sharak certainly had great potential in my opinion, he will not likely be appearing in season two or beyond. The premise of BeastMaster has changed to include more of an ensemble cast. Plus, the actress who played the Sorceress originally is no longer on the show. For those many reasons and surely more, this interesting story will dead end. It is only alive in those writers who seek to write fan fiction.

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From two sources it is said that Daniel will be appearing in a season two episode to be called "The Birds". The only details I have are that the episode should wrap up loose story ends and it should likely be toward the end of the season.

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