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BeastMaster: The Legend Continues has a small but growing fan base here on the internet. Take a look at these sites and support what other fans have done in honor of the show.

If you have a site that is not listed here and should be, please drop me a mail. I am always happy to find new BeastMaster fan sites!

Official Sites: Official series site.
BeastMaster from Tribune Entertainment's site

General Fan Sites

BeastWatcher's BeastMaster Fan Site: Private site of BeastWatcher, webmistress of the DGFC, containing numerous screen caps
BeastMaster World Order Includes excellent image galleries, episode information and more!
BeastMaster Fan Club: Free recognized fan club New fan page from Singapore!
Pink Hearts BeastMaster Galleries

Dar/Daniel Goddard Sites:

Daniel Goddard Com: Daniel's official web page
Daniel Goddard Fan Club Daniel's official fan club online
Daniel Goddard Appreciation Site: Excellent site by Pink Hearts with many features
Daniel Goddard (II) listing at IMDb
Daniel Goddard listing at Star Seeker for actors and actresses
Daniel Goddard Current Month TV Schedule

Tao/Jackson Raine Sites:

Jackson Raine Information on IMDb

Sorceress/Monika Schnarre Sites: Official website
Cathexis: A Monika Schnarre Fan Site: My own all-Monika fan site
Monika Schnarre: Page on
Monika Schnarre links
Monika Schnarre listing at Star Seeker for supermodels

Curupira/Emilie De Ravin Sites:

Emilie de Ravin's *official* website
Emilie deRavin: actress listing at IMDb
Curupira: Emilie De Ravin: the first Curupira/Emilie fan site on the web! nice fan site Gorgeous and subtle colors on this site are a perfect fit for Emilie

King Zad/Steven Grives Sites:

Steven Grives Fan Page

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