The Umpatra
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The Umpatra

Ketzwayo: You killed many of the great beasts in the world and many warriors. This one is above them all. His death will be a jewel in your crown.
Nokinja: You might be right, Ketzwayo. And heís so pretty, so very, very pretty. Like a jewel.

Nokinja: When I taste the beastmasterís heart on my tongue, if you are wrong and I am not able to command the beasts, itís you Iíll be hunting next!

Curupira: A mistake has been made and Curupira doesnít make mistakes. The mistake was to think that humans live by their word. They covet their own lives, but viciously take of others.

Curupira: Remember. Sleep with your mouth closed from now on, Beastmaster.

Tao: Dar doesnít want me with him. Heís made it perfectly clear. He has to move quickly. Iím clumsy. Iím slow. Heíd have to save me many times.
On the other hand, I have been useful to him. I taught him about herbs and medicines. I found him food.

Tao to Kodo and Podo: You little rats! Iím going to yank every one of your teeth out of your dumb little heads one at a time!

Ketzwayo: Donít mess with the big boys, Funny Feet. So you want to dance with me, huh? And I thought you didnít like me.
Curupira: I hate you. Youíre as worthless as humans.
Ketzwayo: Humans. Thereís a topic of mutual interest. I have one I find quite useful, an Umpatra warrior. I hear you have one, too, an animal lover. Does he love you, too? Do you love him?

Curupira: Why do you hate my animals so much, Ketzwayo?
Ketzwayo: I donít. Itís you I hate.

Nokinja: Itís just that the nights grow cold out here when you sleep alone. Do you know what I mean or do great warriors not think on such things?

Nokinja: You should rest now. Your friend told me tomorrow you hunt the man you wish to kill.
Dar: Killing is never my wish.
Nokinja: Answer me honestly, Beastmaster, as a warrior, does the thought of killing excite you, or is it more interesting to spend a cold night by a warm fire?

Nokinja: You see your role as a protector of animals. The one you hunt sees a different one. I wonder if one warrior can judge another since all kill for the honor of their beliefs.

Dar: Tao, if you save your breath, the climb is going to be much easier.

Tao: Iím glad you took my word over his.
Dar: Tao, considering the options, it wasnít easy. Besides, reptiles can be deceitful.

Ketzwayo: A happy day, a very happy day. The Umpatra honors you with the opportunity to die.
Dar: I donít think so.

Tao: Dar, donít do this. Listen to me, please, I beg of you. Not that youíve ever listened to me before...

Dar: No man has the speed of a gazelle.
Nokinja: In case you havenít noticed, I am not a man.

Nokinja: For an Umpatra, there is no honor in magic. I am sorry. I thought it was real.
Dar: Nokinja, you die with your honor.

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