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Tao to Ruh: Well chosen. Good boy. No one will ever find us here.
[Ruh swats Taoís leg.]
Tao: Except Dar. Heíll know where to look.

Tao: What did you do to deserve this?
Melina: The worst crime thinkable in my village. I loved the wrong man.
Tao: Itís a crime to love?
Melina: Against the wishes of our leader.

Tao: A powerful drug, love. It makes the most fragile people do the most courageous things. If I could bottle it, I would control an army.

Melina: Have you never been in love?
Tao: Once, but it was a love that was not returned. Women donít... seem to take to me.

Hippolyte: A warrior who has the command of the wild beasts wonít easily be conquered.

Tao: They wonít come back. Theyíll think youíve eaten us.
[Ruh roars.]
Tao: You didnít mean that. You wouldnít eat me. Would you?
[Ruh licks his lips threateningly.]

Dar to the Seductress: Those who mistrust give others a reason to do so.

You know, if you become one with nature, I donít think the creatures will attack you.

Tao: Iím here.
Melina hallucinating that Tao is her dead lover: I knew youíd come.
Tao: How could I stay away?
Melina: Hold me. Hold me, please. Iíve missed you so. Kiss me. Kiss me again. Do you not love me?
Tao: With all my heart.

Tao: Dar! Where are you? I need you!

Melina: Iím so tired.
Tao: Please, please donít close your eyes. Iím afraid they wonít open again.

Hippolyte: If you seek enemies everywhere, youíll miss a friend.

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