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For actors in minor roles

These links take us to pages about the actors and characters who helped put a little spice into BeastMaster. Their screen time might have been small, but their impact is memorable! For example, just try to think of BeastMaster without Curupira or her demon foe Ketzwayo. Enjoy these pages.

As always, if you have a site that is not listed here and should be, please send me a mail. I am always happy to find new BeastMaster fan sites!


Sharak/Daniel Fitzgerald Sites:

Daniel Fitzgerald Fan Area

Qord/Marton Csokas Sites:

The Unofficial Marton Csokas Page
Marton Csokas IMDb listing

Akili/Keith Hamilton Cobb Sites:

Keith Hamilton Cobb: official site
Keith Hamilton Cobb IMDb listing

Maleena/Gigi Edgley Sites:

Gigi Edgley IMDb listing
SciFi.Com Chat Transcript January 20, 2000
A Chat with Chiana from

Ketzwayo/Arthur Penn Sites:

Arthur Penn Current Month TV Schedule

Seer/Helen Reddy Sites:

BeastMaster with Helen Reddy: has vidcaps of her appearance in the episode "The Slayer"


The New Sorceress/Dylan Bierk Sites:

Dylan Bierk IMDb listing

Iara/Sam Healy Sites:

Sam Healy IMDb listing
All Saints: Sam Healy: character profile and short bio from when Sam was in All Saints
Dear Claudia review of one of Sam's movies
The Sugar Factory another review

Arina/Marjean Holden Sites: Her Official Site
Biography at Best of Both Worlds
E! Online Credits

King Voden/David Paterson Sites:

David Paterson (II) IMDb listing
David Paterson/King Voden Appreciation Site
The Cult of Voden

Bahktiar/Ben Seton Sites:

Ben Seton Official Site

Huna/Claudia Black Sites:

A Radiant Black Sun: Cush's fan site

Aviana/Bianca Chiminello Sites:

An UnOfficial Bianca Chiminello WebSite Cush's fan site

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