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Ancient One to Ruh: Be quiet or Iíll turn you into a rug.

King Zad: Itís a good day for a killing.

King Zad: Kill him.
Terron: But why? What have I done? I have always been loyal to you, King Zad.
King Zad: You were last. Reluctance is hardly a sign of loyalty, and I donít like men who do things last.

Tao: Be careful of him. The tigerís mind is fickle like the wind.

Tao: ...Made me realize maybe itís time I go back to my people. The sanctuaryís your home and Kyraís now, too. It always was. I was just a visitor here.
Dar: Tao, you donít have to go. You can stay if you like.
Tao: Thank you, but as one door closes, another one opens. Itís a new beginning for me. Itís a new beginning for all of us.

Tao: Oh, and give him some clothes. Running around the jungle naked cannot be good for oneís health.
Kyra: No, but it does have its benefits.

Kyra: I really like Tao.
Dar: He talks too much, but heís a good friend.

Sorceress: My dream was about change. Someoneís life was about to change. Did you mean you?
Ancient One: With me, nothing really changes. Itís all superficial, hardly worth a trance and a dream. With humans, itís more profound. But given the choice, I prefer superficial.

Kyra: Can you teach me how to talk to them?
Dar: No. Itís a gift. Itís like your singing.
Kyra: Well, I supposed I could sing to them, and then I could teach you how to sing.
Dar: I think it would be easier to teach them how to use words.

Qord: You seem to enjoy beating Terrons.
Dar: Well, itís a good way to pass some time.

Dar: I donít believe you, Qord.
Qord: Why would I lie to you?
Dar: The better question is: Why would you tell me the truth?

Dar: Earth. Wind. And Fire. Travel with my Kyra for on this day she has earned paradise.

Tao: Vengeance is a Terron trait. Itís not yours and I believe that is the truth.
Dar: He killer her. She died saving me. Thatís my truth.
Tao: Yes, but revenge is unforgiving. You canít take it back. It changes everything.
Dar: Qord killer her and I canít get Kyra back, and that changes everything.

Tao: You always said that killing doesnít change anything. Now if you kill Qord, that will not bring Kyra back. We didnít make this world, Dar. Weíre just a part of it.
Dar: And what we do to it, we do to ourselves.
Tao: Right, so if you kill Qord, you kill yourself.
Dar: Wrong. Because heís already killed me.

King Zad: Self doubt is one weakness I donít suffer.

Dar: Itís evil.
Black Apparition: No. Itís good. A man can get whatever he wants by selling his soul. And those who think otherwise are ignorant.
We shall meet again, Beastmaster. When you kill Qord, whether you choose it or not, you will be mine. I never lose. Never.

Tao: You know, I often wonder what you hear when I talk to you. Probably something along the lines of... ďBlah, blah, blah, blah, blah.... Sharak. Blah, blah, blahblah, blahblah, blah.... Sharak.Ē

King Zad: The best traitors are those you trust. The knife in the back is often from a friend.

King Zad: Where is Qord?
Marak: He is anywhere there is a man who hates you, Zad; therefore, he is everywhere.

Ancient One: Isnít it odd how sometimes the weather matches oneís frame of mind?
Sorceress: Youíre angry? Why?
Ancient One: More bothered than angry, like the confusion of the clouds.

Ancient One: Once in a while, I wish everything could be my way.
Sorceress: I thought it was.
Ancient One: A large part, yes, but there is another part, a tiny sliver which can man one crazy.

King Zad: Weíve had quite a little adventure. Now we have to make a decision. Shall it be the lover or the king who dispatches justice here? Ah, but the lover is a man of peace. He chats with beasts and he doesnít kill. I, on the other hand, relish the task.
In my view, the punishment should fit the crime. A beast: representing the Beastmaster. Deadly venom: which of course is me. All in a snake, representing you, Qord.

Sorceress: Life is a dream, and yours has not yet ended.

Tao: Some of my best recollections were between midnight and dawn. My mother used to say that was when miracles were born.

Tao: The only way to keep someone is to remember in memories. Thatís how they stay with you always.

Tao: So, where are you going?
Dar: You see, I have this friend. Heís trying to get to the middle of the world. I donít think he knows how to get there.
Tao: Youíre going with me, huh?
Dar: If we make it.

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