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Sorceress: I think thereís going to be trouble in the Terron camp.
Ancient One: Iíd say that was understating the case. The Terron would is going to change. Violently.
Sorceress: Why?
Ancient One: The Fates have chosen their future. Itís time for it to come to pass.
Sorceress: Do they even have a future?
Ancient One: They have a legacy, which I suppose is all any of us have really.
Sorceress: What is the Terron legacy?
Ancient One: Well, that they were here. They brought nothing with them when they came, and they take nothing with them when they leave.
Sorceress: Not much.
Ancient One: Better than some. Another world is about to change tonight rather violently.

Tao: Dar, can I ask you a question?
Dar: You will anyway.
Tao: Yes, thatís probably true. When we get to my home land, will you be able to stay there long?
Dar: What do you mean?
Tao: Well, itís not what youíre used to. Itís a civilized place. A man with your talents and wisdoms would be a welcome gift in any community.
Dar: Well, that depends, doesnít it?
Tao: On what?
Dar: On how civilized it is.

Tao: There it is where the earth touches the sky. My people call it Xinca.
Dar: What does that mean?
Tao: Itís a place where roads cross in the middle of the world.
Dar: It sounds civilized.
Tao: Yes, it is.

Tao: You see, according to legend and the people in these mountains, the huaca have been here forever.
Dar: How can anything be forever?
Tao: Theyíre not really real.
Dar: Well, what are they?
Tao: Ideas.
Dar: Ideas?
Tao: Yeah. Ideas can be forever. Think about it. You and I will pass on, but our ideas are eternal. They can be borrowed by other people or simply exist on their own.

Tao: This is why I ask you that question before.
Dar: Which one?
Tao: The one about whether or not you could stay in a civilized place.
Dar: Well, what about it?
Tao: You see, youíre still living in the jungle. You see, when something looks at you in the jungle, it usually wants to turn you into its next meal. In civilization, things are different. Theyíre not nearly as dangerous or predatory. You can relax here. People do watch each other, but itís for a totally different reason.

Tao: Oh, Dar, one more thing.
Dar: What?
Tao: I donít think civilizationís ready for... [nods head at Ruh].
Dar: I donít think heís ready for civilization, either.

Tao: Oh, thatís beautiful, isnít it?
Dar: You canít see its beauty for the bars. Civilization is different.
Tao: Good sir, Iím prepared to trade you some valuable herbs for this songbird.
Salesman: This songbird can serve you well.
[Tao sets the bird free.]
Tao to Dar: That makes you feel better.
Thank you.
Dar: What for?
Tao: For showing me that animals shouldnít live in cages.

Caro: Beastmaster, Iím Caro. Do you remember me?
Dar: Taoís friend from the Burning Forest. Whatís happening here?
Caro: Maloc and the other priests take away anyone who wears the jade ring and they never return.
Dar: Tao said this was a civilized place.
Caro: It was once. No more, Iím afraid.

Maloc: Welcome home, Eiron.
Tao: Welcome? You certainly have a bizarre way of showing it.
Maloc: We planned a celebration. Itís tomorrow.

Tao: What have you done to my people?
Maloc: What happened to them is whatís going to happen to you.

Sorceress: I understand the changes taking place in Xinca. The march of history... Progress, I suppose.
Ancient One: More like progress in reverse.
Sorceress: But what does that have to do with King Zad and the Terrons?
Ancient One: Oh, heaps. Tons. Lots and lots. More than you can imagine, but at the same time, probably less.
Sorceress: You always tease me. I donít know why I bother asking you anything.
Ancient One: Neither do I.

King Zad: Ancient One, do you want to join us? Do wizards like yourself partake of such pleasures?
Ancient One: In ways you canít imagine, but I just dropped in to say a quick goodbye.
King Zad: Goodbye? Why? Are you leaving?
Ancient One: Not me precisely, no.
King Zad: Ancient One, a moment before you go. I was wondering if you might know anything about these ships my men have seen in the ocean off my coast.
Ancient One: Isnít that where ships are normally seen?
King Zad: Yes, of course. I was trying to think of a way to lure them onto shore. Iíd like to kill the sailors and keep the ships for myself.
Ancient One: Murderous to the last. Itís nice to know some people in this world never change. Enjoy yourself, Zad. I would if I were you.

Maloc: Youíre lucky, Eiron. Tomorrow you will only die. I could torture you. My priests can peel a personís skin completely away and keep him screaming in pain for 20 suns.
Tao: Why would you do that to another human being?
Maloc: Eirons like yourself are not human beings. When the sun reaches the middle of the sky, you die.

Caro: Tao! Tao!
Tao: Caro!
Caro: Are you alright?
Tao: Not really. There's a priest who wants to kill me.
Caro: Maloc.
Tao: Iím not even sure I understand why.
Caro: Xinca isnít the place you remember anymore.
Tao: Evidently not.

Tao: What about Dar?
Caro: Yes! I managed to help him escape when they caught you.
Tao: Where is he?
Caro: Heís coming back tonight. Weíre going to get you out of here.
Tao: That's a good idea. Maloc intends to kill me tomorrow at midday.
Caro: Weíre not going to let that happen. I promise. Keep your eyes and ears open. The Beastmaster and I will be back.

Tao: Podo, itís Tao, your friend. Well, you know, sometimes. Go and find Dar. Wait, wait, better yet, find him and bring him back here. Go!
Donít mess this up. Please.

Caro: I found Tao. Malocís got him in the priestsí quarters. They're going to sacrifice him tomorrow.
Dar: Theyíre going to sacrifice him?
Caro: Thatís what they do to most of the Eirons. Maloc will cut his heart out and sacrifice his blood to the gods of the mountains.
Dar: Can you show me where the priests sleep?
Caro: Yes, but why?
Dar: I might pay them a pre-sacrificial visit. Not now. Later when thereís not too many people around.

Hjalmar: These warriors, theyíre called Terrons?
Arina: Theyíre not warriors. They barely deserve to be called people.
Hjalmar: I hope you judged them fairly.
Arina: Believe me when I say the Terrons will not be missed in this world.

Sorceress: It hink the big secret youíre keeping from me will soon be revealed.
Ancient One: Itís a good time for revelations. Thunder and lightning would help, but why guild the lily?
Sorceress: In this case, what is the lily?
Ancient One: The march of history.
Sorceress: Whose?
Ancient One: Someone who shall survive probably shouldnít. Oh, and you have a part to play.
Sorceress: Me? Why?
Ancient One: The Fates are fickle that way, so good luck. Put on a lovely show. and as they say, break a leg.
Sorceress: What? Break a leg? Who says that?

King Voden: When they are destroyed, call my name.

King Zad: Who are you?
Arina: Iím called Arina.
King Zad: What are you?
Arina: A survivor of a Terron attack that killed my people and my mother.
King Zad: Killed your mother? Really...

King Zad: What is this? Sorcery?
Arina: No, King Zad. Your weapons are useless! Theyíre out of date, living in the past like you.

King Zad: Now what?
King Voden: You killed your father when you were a boy. You killed your mother when she found out. You killed your wife because she bored you. You kill your own men because you enjoy it. You see, I know you. I know everything concerning those Iím about to crush, but I care little for you or your Terrons.
I will ask you once. Where is the man they call Beastmaster?
King Zad: The Beastmaster?
King Voden: Where?
King Zad: I surely cannot tell you. He lives in the forest with the animals.
King Voden: Which forest? Where?
King Zad: You mad child. You lead an army to slaughter my men in order to find a man who talks to beasts?
Please! Deliver me from this world because I donít know what it is anymore.
King Voden: The Beastmaster. Tell me where he is by sunrise or you die.

King Zad: Iíll give you more shiny stones than you can carry away in your boats. Slave girls. Beautiful slave girls.
[The Sorceress freezes the guards.]
King Zad: Are you both deaf? Cans you not hear me?
Sorceress: No, they canít.
King Zad: Sorceress! Have you come to save me? Please tell me. YOu have come to save me?
Sorceress: With conditions.
King Zad: Yes, of course! Iíll give you anything, anything you want. Just what is it you want?
Sorceress: Thereís nothing I want from you, just something you have to do.
King Zad: Tell me, and itís done. Itís done.
Sorceress: Theyíre going to hunt for you, and I don't think you have any friends out there in the world.
King Zad: Only enemies.
Sorceress: Precisely. You need to become a new person, undergo a scene change. And you have to understand that power will no longer simply be in the hands of brutes like you, but in the hands of those who have better weapons and who know how to use them.
King Zad: I see.
Sorceress: I hope that you do. Go to the mountains. The Nords will be staying close to the sea.
King Zad: Thank you, Sorceress. I promise you one thing. Whether I change or not, I will be back with better weapons ,and there will be hell to pay.

Dar: What kind of priests are these?
Caro: The wrong kind. They have power over everyone and take advantage over those who are afraid.
Dar: Are you sure you want to do this?
Caro: Yes. Tao would do it for me.

Priest: Whatís this?
Caro: Iím called Mara.
Priest: What do you want, Mara?
Caro: They say the priests sometimes grant favors.
Priest: True, but favor requires favor in return. Understand?
Caro: Iím afraid that I am all I have to offer. Iím please that you have time for me. I heard that youíre sacrificing an Eiron.
Priest: We have a few minutes.
Caro: You havenít asked what favor I seek.
Priest: Name it.
Caro: Death you all you priests!

Maloc: The almighty sun is in the middle of the sky. IT has completed its nocturnal journey through the underworld. They journey has taken our sunís strength. It needs to be fed. To revive our sun, to give it back the strength it needs to fire the heavens and bathe our world in warmth and light, we offer the blood of an enemy, an Eiron.
Tao: Take my blood, Maloc, and when you do the Beastmaster becomes your enemy and with that every animal in every corner of the world. You canít escape!

Tao: Are you sure you wonít come with us?
Caro: No. I know some people in the mountains. I should have gone there long ago.
Tao: Eirons:
Caro: Yes. A handful, but weíll start over. Rebuild our society.
Tao: Maybe I should go with her.
Dar: I think you should follow your heart, Tao. Itíll take you where youíre suppose to be.

Tao: Dar, can I ask you a question?
Dar: You will anyway.
Tao: Yes. Yes, thatís very true. In that case, Iíll make a statement. What happened to Xinca bothers me. I want to see it back the way it was, free and open.
Dar: Less civilized.
Tao: Yeah, maybe. One thingís for sure: I will be back.
Dar: Weíre sure we will be.

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