The Island
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The Island

Tao: Itís the badge of my people, from my tribe, from my world. Only the honored wear it, like me, the scholars of my tribe.

Dar: Itís a lamb rushing into a den of lions, huh?

Dar talking to himself after Tao leaves: There. Like he was never here at all. Yes, the quiet. Tao was always chattering. Heís worse than mocking birds at darkness. I wonít miss that. And opinions. More than the fishes of the sea. ďThe great world isnít flatĒ and ďA circle has no beginning.Ē
[Ruh growls]
Dar: Yes? I know, but I donít care what you think. Iím talking to myself.
[Ruh walks away.]

Taoís riddle: At night they come without being fetched. By day they are lost without being stolen.

Dar: Iím looking for a man whose mouth moves faster than a cricketís legs...Heís weak and scrawny.

Dar: That Eiron spoiled my land, covered my meadows with sticks and gourds.

Dar: What crime did he commit?
Haisa: The crime of reason, making others think. The Eiron are master tricksters, pretending to be ignorant but making others look so in the end. They are hated.
Dar: Just for challenging someoneís beliefs?
Haisa: Wit is dangerous to the simple-minded.

Nylus: The Tolphets hate your people.
Tao: But why? Weíre harmless.
Nylus: Like the sea birds, your minds have wings soaring above the rest. You put ideas into peopleís heads. Ideas which topple rulers.
Tao: All life shifts. Not even the winds stay the same. Rigid thoughts are the ones which break the most easily. And sometimes I think we are less than beasts. Even the wild ones recognize those that are greater than them.

Dar to the thief who stole his staff: Itís well-honed, but youíll never get a change to use it.

Haisa: Every night without you was a death. At least now we go together.

Dar to Tao: Falling... itís something you do so well.

Dar: Tao, roots are important.
Tao: Even if theyíre not deep? Itís been a long time since Iíve seen my tribe.
Dar: Some of the greatest trees have shallow roots and they survive strong winds because they stand together, their roots intertwined.

Dar: Sometimes things are better when theyíre not easy.

Tao: Why does everyone resist change?

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