The Burning Forest
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The Burning Forest

Tao: You see...You put them together in order to make more you can count higher to keep track of more things.
Dar: A snake and a bird...More things.

Tao: Dar, Iíve been thinking.
Dar: He does that a lot.
Sharak: I donít mind. He has a good heart.

Sharak: Immortality. Only a fool would choose such a curse. Others simply have it imposed on them.

Black Apparition: I don't think. I know.

Sorceress: Youíre no better than him.
Black Apparition: Worse. His cruelty is detached, uninvolved. I intended it, delight in it.

Dar: This doesnít look like your game.
Sharak: I watched you. It didnít look that hard.
Dar: You should stick to watching.

Black Apparition: Are you here to plead with me...or with her?
Ancient One: I donít plead with anyone. Ever.
Black Apparition: Weíll see.
Ancient One: I am, however, suggesting we talk.
Black Apparition: Good, good. Suggest isnít too far from plead.

Black Apparition: Your place or mine?
Ancient One: Neutral ground I think.
[in King Zadís throne room}]
Somewhere you should feel completely at home. A place where evil dwells and madness reigns with a bloody fist.

Curupira: Humans... why do they always dig their own graves?

Ancient One: ...I didnít teach you very well, did I? Because if I had, you would know that a thirst for vengeance is utterly futile, like all human desire and ambition. In the end, consumes all who pursue it.

Curupira: I am vengeance. All your nightmares come true.

Sharak: This is our chance, Dar. The apparition is not in her cave.
Dar: You canít know that.
Sharak: Some people donít believe you can communicate with animals, either--but you can. Just as I can see certain things that seem--impossible.

Curupira: Iím very disappointed in you, and I thought we were friends.
Dar: We are friends.
Curupira: Then you should know that a friend ignored can easily become an enemy. You donít want to be my enemy, do you?
Dar: No. No, I donít.
Curupira: Good. Youíd make a pretty skin, but I think I prefer you whole.

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