The Demon Curupira
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The Demon Curupira

Terron 1: What is it?
Terron 2: It looks like a girl.
Terron 1: Everything looks like a girl to you.

Curupira: I donít like to be followed.

Tao: She must have been beautiful.
Guariba: What is beautiful?
Tao: Itís a quality that makes men loose their senses.
Guariba: Sheís a bag of bones. In my village her mother would tie her up and feed her like pigs--put meat on her so men would look at her.

Tao: What?
Guariba: The skin. You donít see it?
[to Dar] Whatís the matter with him?
Dar: He knows too much. He canít see.
Tao: You can see something there?
Dar: Yes.
Tao: And I canít see it because I know too much.
Dar: Yes. Sometimes.

Swimmer to young Dar: Youíre beautiful, the most beautiful boy Iíve ever seen.

Dar to swimmer: Wait, the food! You said youíd share!
Curupira: She shared plenty.

Curupira: I didnít change my mind. I intended it all along. All along.

Curupira: Youíre impossible. You only ask for impossible things.
Dar: Thatís because you can do the impossible.

Curupira: Am I your friend?
[Dar pauses.]
Curupira: I donít understand human beings. You want friendship from nature, yet you donít deserve it.
Dar: Curupira, I owe you my life. Yes, you are my friend.

Tao: You know, you practice something for long enough eventually you get it perfect.
Dar: Youíre not quite perfect. Yet.

Tao: I know too much. I know so much I canít see.

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