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Daniel Goddard is the skilled actor who plays Dar on the show BeastMaster. Like most members of the BeastMaster cast, I had not heard of him before his role in the show. Daniel makes Dar a joy to watch for more than Dan's obvious good looks. Dan gives Dar wisdom yet innocence and likeablity.

The best place to go for information about Daniel is his official website www.danielgoddard.com and the Daniel Goddard Fan Club. Both webmasters are very dedicated to bringing you the ultimate in Daniel information.

Daniel is a very good-looking man, and that is most likely the first thing that is noticed about him. There is more to him than that, though! Daniel has always across to me as a very savvy man who uses his looks as a tool or weapon to achieve his goals for success.

For example, I have noticed Daniel being very involved with his fans on the web. He is behind his web sites and has been known to visit other web sites and writing to fans and webmasters. I have not known of another celebrity who has his finger so firmly on the pulse of his fans on the Internet. So yes, he's beautiful, but he's also smart and crazy like a fox!

Do you want more proof of how involved Daniel is? Daniel has subscribed to the BeastMaster mailing list: beastmaster_series@yahoogroups.com. He posts on his fan club message board to leave messages for his fans whenever his schedule permits. He even took the time to write me a personal email to say I had done a nice job on my web page. My positive opinion of Daniel is only strengthened by the nice things that he does. It is generosity of spirit like his that will keep the fans coming back time and again.

Tidbits if you were curious:
Daniel's full name: Daniel Richard Goddard
Birthday: August 28, 1971
Height: about 6'2"
Eye color: hazel sometimes changing to green

If you want to know more, go to his fan club! It's free and full of wonderful images and information!

Or you can go to my Dar/Daniel Goddard links!

Daniel: Thank you so much for your work on the show and for being a truly wonderful human being. We fans love you and wish you much continued success!

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