The Golden Phoenix
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The Golden Phoenix

Tao: I found you. I knew that you would head back to camp.
[looking at his map] See, to go from the Granite Pool to the West Cliff you have to go right through here.
Dar: The only problem with that, Tao, is I canít walk through a tree.
Tao: Not really, figuratively. My map, remember?

[Tao drinks water.]
Dar: Youíre thirsty?
[Tao nods.}
Dar: See? Being a great adventurer is hard work.

King Zad: I find that youíve awaken a taste in me for far richer fare.
Sorceress: Rich foods can be dangerous to oneís health.
King Zad: Yes, but what a way to go.

Tao: What did you say to him?
Dar: What do you think?
Tao: Stop struggling. Youíre just making things worse.
Dar: Yeah.
Tao: Well, I could have told him that.
Dar: But would he have listened?

Qord: I'll find you another woman, Zad. Perhaps the favorite concubine of the cheif of the Ionians. It should not be too difficult to capture her...
Zad: That turnip ?!? My horse is more appealing!!!

Tao: See? Teaching animals isnít so hard.

I guess itís not hard to animals to train humans, either.

This is ridiculous. Not only am I talking to ferrets, but Iím worried about hurting their feelings.

Tao: Anyway, what was that speech about you owe him? What do you owe him?
Dar: An urn stolen from my people by the Terrons.
Tao: Well, heíll just have to drink out of a wine skin like the rest of us.

Tao: Let me get this straight. Youíve going to go to the camp of people who want to kill you to rescue the treasure of a monster who also wants to kill you.
Dar: Well someoneís going to be disappointed. I can only die once.

Tao: It will be like finding a needle in an earth thatch.
Dar: I thought you had a map.
Tao: Cute.

Sorceress: So you would sacrifice your best warrior to satisfy this troublesome ardor of yours?
King Zad: Oh, Iíll do more than that, much more... if you were to be my reward.
Sorceress: I take it youíd like to watch.
King Zad: Very much

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