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One of David's publicity shots
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Not much is known about David Paterson, the actor who plays King Voden on BeastMaster. A casual search with an internet search engine will lead you on many trails because there are lots of people named David Paterson in the world! That doesn't stop us. There is only one man who can play Voden so well.

The following biographical information is a beginning. It comes from the official BeastMaster website.

About David being cast as Voden:
"King Zad won't be the only bad guy in the Territories next season. Evil now has a younger face - that of the sinister Boy King. David Paterson will portray the bloodthirsty Nord king, who uses metal weapons to slaughter the Terrons. David has an extensive theatre background."

My comment here is... of course he has an extensive theater background! The "boy" can act!

The following is also from dars-home.

"David Paterson is native of Australia. The theatrically trained actor has enjoyed numerous stage roles, including "Ben Bonken" in Troy's House, "Choobookov" in The Proposal, "Arturo Ui" in The Resistable Rise Of Arturo Ui, "Prince Hal" in Henry IV, Part One, and "Estragon" in Waiting For Godot.

David was a series regular in Dog's Head Bay and appeared in a series pilot titled Don't You Know Who I Am? He was also featured in the popular Australian band Silverchairs' Emotion Sickness CD-ROM.

David makes his home in Sydney."

So... raging David and Voden fans: what you have seen here is all we know at this time. We will surely learn more about David and his character as season 2 of BeastMaster progresses.

For more information, please visit my David Paterson and Voden fan site at daytripper.20m.com.

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