The Last Unicorns
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The Last Unicorns

Tao: We are peaceful. We are very caring toward animals, certainly not killers of them.

Princess Jessica: Do you have anything to say?
Dar: Only that my friend is telling you the truth, like he always does.

Dar: The walls are too smooth to climb.
Tao: Itís far too high to jump. Weíd better figure something out fast.
Dar: You have not patience.
Tao: Well, Iíd have more patience if they werenít getting ready to boil us like chickens!

Dar: Whereís Podo? If I find that heís eating while our lives are in danger, thereís going to be big trouble!

Dar: We have a plan.
Tao: Oh, goody! What are they going to do--bring a ladder?
Dar: Tao, you know youíd only fall off it.

King Zad: Terrons? Careless? I take that as a compliment.

King Zad: The last two unicorns, what sex are they?
Chancellor: One male. One female.
King Zad: I want them. I want the remaining unicorns alive. Iíll breed them and Iíll be invincible. Every Terron warrior will have a priceless horn. So to speak...

Tao: I take back every nasty thing I every said about you two. I take it back twice.

Chancellor: In the real world, Princess, there is no room for the pure of heart.

Princess Jessica: Iím going with you.
Dar: No.
Princess Jessica: They are my creatures. They wonít come to anyone, only to whom they were promised... and to the pure of heart.
Tao: I guess that leaves out you and me, huh?

Ancient One: All things have a perfect place in life. Joy is balanced by sorrow. Day by night. Giving by receiving. Wisdom by humility. The secret of life is balance, living in harmony and honor with that which surrounds you.

Ancient One: I believed in you both, but you threw it all away. What for? Love?
Sharak: Any human beings would have done the same. We are not perfect.
Ancient One: Perfect? No one breathing todayís air is even close!
Sharak: So then why the big speech about harmony and balance. Isnít love part of that?

Ancient One: The truth needs no explanation, only reflection. So reflect on that for a few centuries!

Tao: Some emotions are correct. You were betrayed by evil. That does not make you evil, too.

Dar: You come when I signal you, not before.
Princess Jessica: But...
Tao: You must trust him.
Princess Jessica: What is he going to do?
Tao: I have no idea, but he knows what heís doing... usually.

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