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Ancient One: These are the times that try our very souls. Times of change. Times of betrayal. When the worldís magnificent capacity for malice, madness, folly, envy and destruction put all life out of balance and all nature out of place. When thoughtless intrusion causes greater pain, there is no alternative but anger, no solution but rage.

Tao: What cures the aches and pains brought on by our emotions and by our heart?
Dar: Friends help. Talking to people. And animals you trust.
Tao: Exactly! Weíre thinking the same thing.

Voden: Itís Tao, is it not? Iím told youíre a man of wisdom and healing.
Tao: Just not wise enough to stay away from here.
Voden: I like a man of wit. My present company donít often excel in the art of conversation.

Bahktiar: Who wants to be next? There must be others in Xinca who would like to test their skills.
Tao: And the purpose of this test?
Bahktiar: Simply the joy of sport.

Bahktiar: You look like a worthy opponent.
Dar: Well, that may be, but I donít fight for fun.

Dar: Self control is the master of ability. Make a man lose his control and you become the master.

Dar to Bahktiar: You should have been fighting me, not yourself.

Ancient One: Iíve warned you.
Sorceress: Ancient One. You look angry.
Ancient One: Running out of patience would be a more exact description.

Ancient One: Oh, perhaps you forget who I am. When I choose, I can think what you think, know what you know, and see what you see. So I suggest you forget all of the above in respect to what youíve just seen in Xinca.
Sorceress: Youíre a hypocrite. You donít practice what you preach.
Ancient One: And youíre stepping close to the edge, my dear.

Sorceress: Ambiguities. Riddles. Silly proverbs. Thatís all you ever say, never the truth about anything. You never meant to teach me about your world, only tease me and control me.
Ancient One: Enough! Fools talk. The wise listen. Take that advice and forget.

Bahktiar: I only become the puma when... when Iím angry. Very angry.

Bahktiar: I donít like to fight, not like that.
Dar: So why do you do it?
Bahktiar: Itís a way to get rid of the anger from inside before.. well, so I donít do anything really bad.
Dar: You see, I have this friend who has this idea that you can get rid of bad emotions by talking.

Bahktiar: Thank you for the talk. Maybe your friendís idea is a good one.

Ancient One: One small favor, youíll be free, and someone else will captive be.

Arina: When he ran off, the Beastmaster went after him. They canít be far. I can find them quickly.
King Voden: Youíre probably right, but I want one of them alive and one of them dead. To be safe, I have a better idea.
Arina: You always do.
King Voden: Yes

Tao: This is very interesting. You should look at this. Have you noticed how the sun is casting a shadow across this plate here? Well, this shadow is moving slowly the whole time. If I could measure from...

King Voden: You have the reputation of being a very knowledgeable man. I can see why. You couldnít help my mother to talk? Heal her?
Tao: I donít know if I can heal anyone, but Iíve been thinking if someone has an emotional problem, if thatís what this is, talking with someone that you trust can help. Naturally, the trick is to get that person to talk. Have you tried?
King Voden: Of course! But I am just a simple boy who happens to be king. I donít suppose you could talk to my poor mother?
Tao: Iíd be glad to.
King Voden: You would?
Tao: Of course. It might help her and it would allow me to try out some of my theories.
King Voden: That would be wonderful.

Tao: I have this theory that when an illness doesn't seem to be physical, which seems to be the case here, the problem is emotional. I think that if people could talk to each other about their feelings, then maybe itíd help. It might be the cure that youíre looking for.
Do you want to tell me what youíre feeling right now?
Queen Margret: Where to start? I feel so many things: sorrow, fear, rage.
Tao: And what are you thinking about when you feel these things?
Queen Margret: My son. I am always thinking about him.
Tao: And what are you thinking about him?
Queen Margret: His gentle manner. His kind heart.
Tao: Well, thatís a side that only a mother could see.

Queen Margret: Why does good count for nothing and evil for so much?

Queen Margret: You canít help me. No one can help me.
Tao: Iíd like to try.
Queen Margret: I donít deserve your kindness.
Tao: Everyone deserves kindness.

Queen Margret: Voden was never really a child, at least not here. [She points to her head.] He always thought like an adult, but with the emotions of a child.
Tao: Dangerous combination.
Queen Margret: Yes. And he grew into a very cruel young man, which is what he is today.

Ancient One: Yes, youíre right. I am the sorcerer Queen Margret came to in her time of need.
Sorceress: So all the lectures you gave me, the dire warnings not to meddle in the piddling emotions of human beings...
Ancient One: Seems hypocritical to you?
Sorceress: Yes! Yes it does. You say one thing and yet do another.
Ancient One: Has it ever occurred to you that I might be trying to save you from repeating my one mistake? My one error in an otherwise perfect record.
Sorceress: You admit to making a mistake? What is this? The day that hell freezes over?

Sorceress: All this time you say youíve been teaching me, and you have. But what I have learned is to value those things you would have me believe are of no value: like human emotion, love and joy, and hope.
Ancient One: What of despair, sorrow and pain?
Sorceress: Yes! Those, too. Feelings are all that matter. Unless you feel, what is there?

Dar: Well, this isnít very fair, is it? You've got that big metal knife and Iíve just got my... my friend.

King Voden: Beastmaster, youíre a very dangerous man, but in my own way, so am I.

King Voden: Beastmaster!
Dar: Iím a dangerous man, remember?
Tao: So youíd do well to keep out of his way.

Tao: Well, I was right.
Dar: About what?
Tao: Talking and how it heals emotional wounds. Do you know what surprised me the most?
Dar: No, but I'm sure youíre gonna tell me.

Dar: You know, I think we should do that more often.
Tao: What?
Dar: Talk.
Tao: Absolutely! I intend to.
Dar: Oh, somehow I knew you were gonna say that.

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