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Tao: He doesnít beat his wings like when heís flying. They stay in one place and his body moves. Itís as if the feathers on his wings control the change of direction. Itís floating on air.
Dar: Heís floating?
Tao: You see, I believe that in the same way that we float in the water, Sharak floats in the air.
Dar: How?
Tao: Well, it has something to do with the structure of the wing and the way the air flows over the top, or around it or...
You could ask him.
Dar: Animals donít analyze how they do things, Tao. They just do them. Weíre the only creatures that try to figure things out.

Tao: Can you please ask him? I really want to know.
[Dar ask Sharak telepathically.]
Tao: What did he say?
Dar: He said that if you really want to know, youíll have to go up there and find out yourself.
Tao: Donít think I wonít be!
[Sharak calls back.]
Tao: Someday...

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