The Demon Curupira

Who or what is Curupira?

Curupira is the forest demon who gave Dar his abilities as Beastmaster. She finds no need for humans, but only needs the beastmaster to protect her animals.

Curupira looks like an adolescent girl, but she is very powerful. She can suck the life out of an offender or an enemy with a kiss.

Her most striking feature to remind people that she is not human are her backwards feet. It seems to be part of a trick to make her enemies run right to her instead of away from her.

Curupira is very powerful, but she is not without enemies. The demon Ketzwayo tried to make her beastmaster and all the animals mad. It almost worked! Dar was able to overcome the madness and he was able to defeat Ketwayo's human soul. Without the protection of his human with a soul, Curupira was able to defeat Ketzwayo.

Our favorite green demoness has a different enemy in Iara, demon of water and reptiles. Iara's mist invaded Curupira's forest. Iara tried stealing one of Curupira's favorite tiger's and enticed him with lies that he could be changed into human form. Iara craftily managed to capture Curupira in her watery realm encircled about by snakes.

Enjoy these pictures of Curupira from the season one episode 'The Umpatra'.

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Green Kisses

Keeper of the Curupira's Kisses


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