The Minotaur
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The Minotaur

Dar: Youíre getting better.
Tao: With practice.
Dar: Honest. Honest, youíre smoother now. Youíre not as clumsy.
Tao: Considering the source, thatís a wonderful compliment.
Dar: Kodo and Podo wonder why you even bother.

Baha: What revenge, what vengeance is worse than the hollow pain?

Dar: Well, I guess we wonít be catching any fish.
Tao: Not with those filthy things in the water.

Dar: Tao, you could have helped me.
Tao: Well if there were more of them, I would have. You didnít need me.

Ancient One: Normal life is banal, boring. Itís the little oddities, the dark corners, the mutations, which spice it up.

Tao: Well, Iíll stay here alone.
Dar: Youíve got Kodo and Podo. See you in the morning.
Tao: You know, having you for company is like being alone.

Taoís Dream Sequence

Terron: Good morning, Servant.
Tao: I believe I told you before. I serve no man.
Terron: Then no man will miss you after we kill you.
Tao: Iím trained in several forms of deadly combat.
Terron: So are we.
Tao: If you do not leave immediately, I will be forced to inflict great bodily harm upon you. And I warn you: I take no prisoners.
Terron: So be it, Servant.
Tao: You Terrons are very consistent. What you lack in morals and ethics, you also lack in your ability to fight like men.

King Zad: Why donít we try to be honest with each other. Iím a ruthless, bloodthirsty conquering warrior--not very high on the scale of humanity. But you, Baha, are lower, as slaver, a peddler of flesh, and not a whole one at that.

King Zad: Why does one offer a man who has everything?
Baha: Surely there must be something.
King Zad: I suppose something that Iíve never seen before. And angel from the heavens. A weapon which will make me invincible. Do you suppose, Slaver, that you could bring me me?
Baha: I do not understand the question.
King Zad: Of course you donít. You see, the creature and I have much in common. I feel a kinship with this bloodthirsty, murdering beast. We have the same hunger. So unless you can offer me something equal to me, the creature is not for sale to your or your filthy prince.

Tao: A labyrinth. Terrons would have such a place.

Sorceress: The Minotaur. I have yet to see it.
Ancient One: Itís magnificent. Part human, part animal.
Sorceress: Why did you give it to him?
Ancient One: If am curious to see how one wretched life reacts to another.

Sorceress: Can the Minotaur communicate?
Ancient One: It canít speak.
Sorceress: I canít imagine life without having some ability to share thought.
Ancient One: Really? I think itíd be bliss.

Sorceress: When the spell clears, the curse will be lifted. The Minotaur wonít desire human flesh any more, at least not in the same way he did before.

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