The Riddle of the Nymph
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The Riddle of the Nymph

Tao: Dar, would you call off your rodents? This is important.
Dar: What? Lines?
Tao: This is a map. You know, some day every body’s going to thank me because you’ll be able to find anyone, anywhere just be following lines on hide.
Dar: I can think of a lot of people who wouldn’t see the advantage.
Tao: Only the short-sighted.
Dar: You mean, like me?
Tao: Dar, think about it. No more getting lost!
Dar: But I like to get lost in the jungle. Some of my most treasured days have been spent lost in the jungle.

Ancient One: I try so very hard with you, but this obsession you have to obtain the beastmaster’s gift is such a waste of your time, and worse, of mine.

Ancient One: One should never make promises one can’t keep. Humans are very difficult to manage when lied to.
Sorceress: I will find a way to satisfy him.
Ancient One: Good. I look forward to your efforts with interest, or what passes for interest to one who already knows everything.

Tao: Interesting.
Dar: More lines.
Tao: But different lines. Writing.
Dar: Still. More lines.

Tao’s drinking toast: Rejuvenates the body; purifies the soul.

Dar: You’ve a boy.
Tao: On the inside always, but now also on the outside it seems.

Tao: What am I going to do? I don’t want to be young again. Being a child was painful enough the first time around. You wouldn’t believe how clumsy I was then.

Ancient One: Nicely done, my dear, but take care for you should know where the vessel will take safe haven before you launch it on the tide.

Teemu: Would you please stop wriggling? I had pet worms that struggled less. That’s better. Perhaps I should try it on another obstinate cat I know.

King Zad: I want to give you something.
Sorceress: What could you possibly give me?
King Zad: The greatest gift I could possibly give. Myself.

Muraki: The riddle can only be solved by someone of great intellect, one whose mind works like no other.
Tao: Well, you’re looking at him. Let me concentrate and see what I can do.

Tao: “What starts as you begin, becomes less as you gain more, stops when you end, yet never ends?”
It’s so easy. The answer is life! Life! The answer is not life.

Tao: Hurry!
Dar: Patience.
Tao: Patience is for those who aren’t on fire!

Tao: What starts as you begin, becomes less as you gain more, stops when you end yet never ends... is time!

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