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Tao caught in vines: Dar, can you help?
Dar: I donít talk to plants.

Tao: Are you sure this is the way?
Dar: Iím sure this is the way to the middle of the world.
Tao: I donít remember any of this. Animals remember their way home. Why donít I?
Dar: Because you have too many other things to remember.
Tao: Maybe

Woman: A crocodile. A big one.
Tao: I believe Dar is asking it to let us pass.
Woman: Well, what if the croc says no?
Tao: That doesnít usually happen.

Woman: What if you donít come back?
Dar: Heíll stay with you unless Iím dead.
Woman: Heíll know?
Dar: Yes

Woman: Whoís going to feed him? I don't want him getting hungry.
[Dar pulls Kodo and Podo out of their pouch.]
Woman: They wonít keep him long. Theyíre hardly a snack!
Dar: Kodo and Podo will find him food.
Tao: Do you hear that, little beggars? You have to forage for someone else for a change. If you donít, you might wind up a meal.

Iara: Stay. Relax. This night is beautiful. Iím beautiful. Youíre beautiful.

Iara about Dar: Oh, heís so beautiful.

Curupira to Dar: And why did you come to this awful place? I know--humans. Some have to kill everything. You have to save everything, except my tiger! When I gave him to you, you swore youíd protect him.

Dar: Curupira, there is some sort of magical sorcery here. I canít talk to the animals.
Curupira: What animals? There are no animals here.

Man 1: Why didnít you kill him?
Man 2: A spear wouldnít kill a tiger like that. Now you women, have you got courage, or not?
Man1: Iíll have your tongue for that. Later. After we kill the tiger.

Curupira: Here. Have another try.
Man 1: Who are you? Where did you come from?
Curupira: These look like good spears.
Oh, come on. Do I look like I could hurt you?
[Curupira gives Man 2 her kiss of death.]
Curupira: There you go. One less mouth to feed.

Curupira: You and your stupid tricks.
Sorceress: Taking a nap?
Curupira: I had a busy day. Wand what do you want?
Sorceress: Nothing. Nothing at all. I just came to do you a favor.
Curupira: What is that? Die!

Sorceress: You know what I think?
Curupira: Do I look like I care what you think?
Sorceress: I think youíre scared of Iara.
Curupira: Me?
Sorceress: I can hear it in your voice.
Curupira: Well, I'm about as scared of her as I am of you. So can you just get out of my tree?

Sorceress to Iara: I canít believe it. You do love him. I didnít think it was possible.. for a demon.

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