You've Been Watching too Much BeastMaster When...

Version: Season 2

You know you are a REAL BeastMaster fan when these crazy things start to happen!
Sit back, relax, and read to see if any of this describes you!
Contributions are gladly welcome.

You believe the Sorceress created telescopes.

You have a sudden affinity (or aversion) to snakes.
(For the men) You have stopped eating pork.

You now watch kabuki theater hoping to find Olwen.

You watch an old Duran Duran video and think Nick Rhodes got his make-up tips from King Voden (submitted by Jax)

You are certain Freud stole the idea of psychotherapy from Tao.
You know for a fact that Tao invented the sundial.
A collar and loin cloth are now requirements for all your dates.

Werewolves start looking like appealing date candidates. (For Tao fans)

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