Heart Like A Lion
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Heart Like A Lion

Tao: Something wrong?
Dar: No. I just had a dream and you were in it.
Tao: What was I doing? No, wait. Let me guess. I was with a beautiful woman.
Dar: There was a beautiful woman.
Tao: I knew it. What was I doing?
Dar: You were eating a peach.
Tao: What was she doing?
Dar: She was smiling at me.

Tao: Hey, do you know what today is?
Dar: Something special?
Tao: Something special. Today is the day of the longest sun. Tomorrow the days start getting shorter.
Dar: How do you know all this?
Tao: Strange things happen this time of year. Beautiful women in your dreams. Peaches. Strange things.

Dar: Tao, youíre in pain. Itís beginning to drive...
Tao: Itís nothing. Itís nothing, and besides, whatís a little pain?
You never seem to suffer any pain. Why is that?
Dar: I do. I just try not to think about it.
Tao: So you mean if I donít think about it, it wonít hurt?
Dar: Maybe.

Tao: Oh, I think, therefore I hurt.

Tao: Whatís he saying?
Dar: He wants to know if Iím the Beastmaster his mother told him about.

Dar: Tao should be around here somewhere. Tao?
Reon: If Tao had been with Ruh, he would have stopped Kalex and the others, wouldnít he?
Dar: He would have tried.

[Tao laughs through entire dialogue.]
Tao: Itís an illusion.
Layla: Donít do this, Tao.
Tao: Laughing breaks the spell. Oh, youíre trying to put me in a trance.
You did! You did put me in a trance. Brilliant!

Layla: Surely what Iíve shown you is preferable to this?
Tao: I have nothing against pleasure, Layla, but what you offer costs too much. Free will. Self respect. Loyalty to others.

Kalex: Beastmaster.
Dar: What are you waiting for? Call the guards.
Kalex: Iím no coward. Iíll show them who you are when I rip the mask off your severed head. I promise you a quick death.
Dar: Thank you. I think.

Tao with Darís staff: I warn you, in my hands this is a...
Masked Dar: In your hands, itís a waste of time. Thanks for finding it.
Tao: Dar! Whatís with the helmet?

Tao: I think youíre right. I think heís trying to kill you. Laugh!
Dar: This isnít funny.

Tao: This is an illusion, Dar. Laughing breaks the illusion.

Dar: Iím not going to kill you, and I donít want to kill you. But you do owe me your life. So I tell you what. Give me a chuckle.

Dar: You could kill him. It would be no more than he deserves. But if you try to solve your problems by killing then he will have won and nothing will change.

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