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Ancient One: Youíve been meeting the locals.
Sorceress II: Yes. Did you see the little one? He was so cute.
Ancient One: Cute?
Sorceress II: Yes! They canít hurt you and theyíre too little to eat. Why would anyone want to kill them?
Ancient One: For fun. For sport. For as many reasons as human beings can contrive.

Sorceress II: I donít understand these humans. Are they special?
Ancient One: They think they are.
Sorceress II: Do you even understand them?
Ancient One: Not since they started walking on their hind legs. They know too much now. It makes them nervous.
Sorceress II: About what?
Ancient One: About the fact that they were all born to die, and there is nothing much they can do about that.

Dar to Kodo and Podo: Donít tell me youíve found Taoís rocks. Are you sure these are the right rocks? Taoís very particular about things like this.

Dar: Iím sorry about your family. This animal is shy. Itís called a Tasmanian tiger and it would never attack a human.
Kaleb: Never attack a human: Look at it! Itís an ugly, vicious killer.
Dar: Its look is not its nature.

Dar: Heís tracking a Tasmanian tiger.
Tao: Thylacine? They're extinct.
Dar: Not quite. We saw one today, didnít we? He says it killed his family. The animal said he didnít.
Kaleb: "The animal said"!
Tao: Donít scoff. Heís the Beastmaster. He communicates with animals, birds, even some humans, too.

Dar: Animals donít lie. Itís not in their nature.
Tao: Only humans have that ability, or disability.

Dar: Tao, knowing the way of things and moving with them is what keeps me alive.

Tao after his molten metal explodes: I am also working on a theory that not all elements can be combined.

Ancient One about Voden: Charming, isnít he? Hardly a man and heís conquered a dozen lands, wiped out countless tribes.
Sorceress II: Why?
Ancient One: Oh, ambition, focus. Itís something I admire in a young person.

Tao: My father loved to carve. He had graceful fingers and he was very patient. I take this with me to remind me of him. It doesnít take away the pain of not knowing his fate, but it helps.

Tao: We all have different ways of dealing with grief, but theyíre all about finding our own ways to receive comfort.

Tao: We must show this to Kaleb.
Dar: Theyíve taken him prisoner along with Ruh and the Tasmanian tiger. Sharak showed me all three are in cages.
Tao: And now you will try and rescue them and Voden will capture you. You know theyíre bait.
Dar: I know. I have no choice. Vodenís taken them to Xinca.
Tao: Dar, you canít go to Xinca. Vodenís whole armyís there. Thereís too many of them and what are you going to do? Fight Nord soldiers using ferrets and a staff made of bone? Theyíll cut you to shreds.

Voden to Ruh: I canít wait to learn your masterís secrets. He doesnít realize how powerful they could be in the right hands. Thereís so many things I could do with your courage. They energy you only use to hunt and roam could be focused to enslave the world.

Dar to Kodo and Podo: Now go and make Tao proud. Make the biggest mess you can.

Dar: Tao, my staff was passed to me across generations. The history of my people is written on it. Thatís just something to kill with.

Ancient One: Iíve got a gift for you.
Sorceress II: What is it?
Ancient One: Aren't you going to thank me?
Sorceress II: Not until I know what it is.
Ancient One: You throw it away and it comes back to you.
Sorceress II: Oh, like a wolf pup with a stick?
Ancient One: Or a problem one tries to avoid.

Tao: I wish youíd wait until I figure something out. Itís too dangerous. We canít just walk into the camp unarmed.
Dar: We wonít be unarmed. Iím going alone.
Tao: Look, I understand Iím not really as useful to you as a couple of ferrets.
Dar: I didnít say that.
Tao: But you won't let me give you something to protect you.
Dar: Tao, youíve done your best.

Arina: I knew vengeance once. I swore a blood oath against King Zad and the Terrons. I made any enemy of theirs a friend of mine.
Kaleb: And you tasted joy in his defeat.
Arina: That joy was short-lived and the price for it was high. I am now bound to a greater darkness.

Voden: Donít you see? I have the weapons, the army. You could command the great beasts, the hawks, the snakes with their venom. Nothing could stop us. We could control the world.
Dar: Why would I want to? Why would anyone?
Voden: Because there are only two types of people: Victors and Victims. And if the victims canít defend themselves, they deserve to be extinct.
Dar: You know, you and I are very different. I see all life as a family, where everyone depends on everyone else and everything is connected.

Voden: Please. Be my friend.
Dar: I donít think so. I respect my friends.

Tao: So what happens now?
Dar: Well, one day there will only be one. Sometime after that, none.
Tao: Well, perhaps them people will understand the importance of all life, all species of animal, all forms of man.
Dar: I hope so. If they donít, thereíll be no future for any of us.

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