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Look to here to see what things have been done since the last time you have visited my sites!

May 6, 2006: Removed link to BeastMasterFans email. Changed webmaster email site-wide.

December 1, 2004: Removed all page counters from main part of site because they were incorrect.
Added the Dar and Tao fanlisting and the Curupira fanlisting to the Mydlands index page.

November 4, 2004: Cleaned out a few of the dead links.

August 28: Daniel Goddard's birthday. Happy birthday, Daniel!

August 26: BeastMaster season 1 DVD in stores.

August 23: Several updates on entire site, including changing color scheme for Sorceress and Emilie/Curupira sections.

July 24: Changed copyrwright information on various pages in main site, but not major subdirectories.

April 17: Made small changes to Hjalmar and You Know You've Been Watching Too Much Season 2 BeastMaster When... pages.

October 29: Removed virtual post card page and a dead link from the links page.

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