The Magic of the Sorceress

The Sorceress is up to some magic in 'The Minotaur'

~ The Sorceress ~

The Sorceress is a nameless student of the Ancient One. She is truly and quite simply a worker of great magic. The skills of her magic have been growing. She has tampered with the lives of humans, which include her interactions with King Zad. We have also found kindness in her creation of the unicorns for a great sickness in the land. She showed compassion by freeing the Minotaur of his curse and making him a full man.

One of the fascinating parts of the Sorceress is her past. Love is forbidden to those who work magic, but she fell in love with a sorcerer named Sharak. There also seems to be a hint of a power struggle that happened in that past, that she and Sharak tried to overthrow the Ancient One. As punishment for the love and whatever else came after, the Ancient One wiped out her memories and turned her lover Sharak into an eagle who would eternally roam the skies.

We do know that the Sorceress is not omnipotent and that she is still learning her craft. For all her spying she does not seem to be aware that Dar got his beastmaster gift from the demon Curupira.

Now with Dar, the BeastMaster, the Sorceress hopes to gain his skill to communicate with the animals. At first it may have been idle want, but now that the Sorceress has the memories of her past she deeply desires to communicate with Sharak and free him of his eagleís curse. She vows to overcome the Ancient One. Because of Dar and his ability as BeastMaster and his relationship with Sharak, the Sorceress will continue to be involved in Darís life.

The Sorceress watching from afar

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