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BeastMaster: The Legend Continues is currently in its second season with the promise of a third. It already has a rich history and depth. With these links you can find episode guides to help you find information about episodes you may have missed. You will also be able to read online reviews of the show and specific episodes.

Episode Guides the official BeastMaster site, containing episode descriptions for the entire series
BeastMaster from Pazsaz Entertainment Network
Beastmaster (a Titles and Airdates Guide) from

General Reviews

BeastMaster review from Kathie Huddleston

Season One Reviews from

Beastmaster Returns Yet Again
Beastmaster Tops New Syndicated Action Shows
The Legend Continues
The Island
A Simple Truth
The Demon Curupira
The Umpatra
The Last Unicorns
The Slayer
The Guardian
A Devil's Deal
Tears of the Sea

Fan Sites with Reviews

SapphireMage's BeastMaster Reviews

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