Ghosts of the Forest
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Ghosts of the Forest

Arina: Watch what youíre doing. I want it all in one piece.
Nord: Thereís no harm done. Itíd take a battering ram to crack it open.
Arina: Or one knock from your hard head!

Nord: Remember your place, Tracker. Lesser tribes donít command Nord warriors.
Arina: Voden ordered every tiger in this forest captured. Out of my way.
Nord: You think King Voden canít do without you, but we conquered the world for him. Donít insult those who are better than you are.
[Arina kicks the soldier and beats him to the ground.]
Arina: Better? At what?

Voden: Arina, is there a problem?
Arina: The cages need to be strong. The tigers this Beastmaster commands will exploit any weakness and tear their captors to pieces.
Voden: Creatures after my own heart.

Voden: Fate makes slaves of us all. Fate... and the will of the mighty. But embracing oneís destiny also brings great rewards. Will this Beastmaster understand?
Arina: Heís not like other men.
Voden: But still a man, and all men have a price. Once his beasts are mine, he will serve me.
Arina: He doesnít like animals in cages. You run the risk of making him a dangerous adversary.
Voden: But one who fights fairly, Arina, and thatís what gives me the advantage. In a few short days, the Beastmaster will be mine.

Tao: They wonít be satisfied until they kill us all. Iíve never known anger like this. When I was under the cutting stone, all my fear turned to hatred.
Dar: You forget. A man who confronts his enemy in anger is already defeated.
Tao: I donít forget anything. I know that. I also know that fear makes you weak. You have to confront evil, no run from it. I'm not going to rest until I drive those priests out of Xinca.

Tao: When I left my home, my sole purpose was to spread the knowledge of Xinca and to find more to bring back. And now itís...
Dar: Everything happens for a reason. If youíre meant to, youíll find a new purpose.

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