Circle of Life
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Circle of Life

Tao: Dar, what do you think?
Dar: What is it?
Tao: Itís called writing.
Dar: It looks like charcoal.
Tao: Yes, but you use the charcoal to make the writing. what do you think it is?
Dar: The track of some animal with strange feet.
Tao: Well, uh, in a way youíre right. I have clumsy feet. Itís me. Tao.
Dar: It doesnít look like you.
Tao: No, well, it represents me. It says my name.
Dar: I canít hear it say anything.
Tao: When you look at it, it says ďTaoĒ. Itís like a sign.

Curupira: My animals donít kill their own kind. Only humans kill just to kill.
Dar: He wasnít killed by a human.
Curupira: You only see the obvious. Youíre worthless. Find out whatís happening, Beastmaster.

Dar: You talk too much. Youíre like a honey bee that doesnít stop buzzing.
Tao: I know I talk a lot. Iím sorry. Itís just that Iím concerned.
Dar: What for?
Tao: Concerned for the dead tigers. Iím concerned for Ruh.
Dar: Donít be.

Ancient One: Sentimentality. It can make you crazy.
Sorceress: Human beings can make you crazy.
Ancient One: Yes, that, too.

Ancient One: Dwell in the past and there will be no future.

Sorceress: Somehow I feel connected to what I create.
Ancient One: Youíre being seduced by your maternal instincts. Just let them go. You see, the secret to sorcery is detachment. Create. Release. Create and release.
Sorceress: Easier said than done.
Ancient One: If you donít, you become a prisoner of your children and they control you. The illusion becomes substance, and substance is mortality. And thatís the last thing you want.

Tao: Obviously someone or something is bothering you greatly. Tigers killing tigers. The whole animal kingdom turning upside down. Everythingís acting strangely. Youíre acting strangely, and somehow I think itís all connected.
Dar: You think too much!
Tao: You donít think enough! You have all this bottled inside up and you wonít let it out. Iím trying to help you and you wonít let me. And maybe thatís because you donít understand what friends are for. And maybe thatís why Sharak, the ferrets and Ruh wonít talk to you either!
Dar: You know nothing of my world and you never will!
Tao: Well, fine! It doesnít seem like a very nice place!

Curupira: What have you learned?
Dar: Curupira, please help me.
Curupira: Tell me what you learned!
Dar: The animals wonít talk to me any more.
Curupira: Why?
Dar: I donít know.
Curupira: Did you do something horrible?
Dar: No. Itís just like they switched off. Theyíve gone crazy in their heads, and Iím not one of them any more.
Curupira: Youíre part of them. If theyíre crazy, then maybe you are, too.
Dar: Yes. Everythingís different now.
Curupira: Then fix it, Beastmaster. Youíre not so special. If you canít do it, Iíll find somebody else. I wonít loose my animals to some worthless human. Humans are helpless and useless. I donít know why they were put on this earth in the first place.

Tao: Ruh did this? I donít believe it.
Dar: We talked.
Tao: Tell me. What about?
Dar: He said they only reason he didnít kill me was because of the past, when we were friends.

Dar: Something is driving the animals mad, and me as well.
Tao: Iíve been thinking about that. Before you start, thinking is what I do.

Dar: Friends donít hurt friends.
Tao: Not intentionally.
Curupira: Youíre wrong. Humans hurt everything all the time.
Beastmaster, I have a question for you. Which hurts more, the claws of a tiger or that you were betrayed by a friend.
Dar: That I almost betrayed a friend hurts more.

Curupira: What is this?
Tao: Itís writing, actually my name.
Curupira: You understand these marks?
Tao: Of course I do. I wrote them.
Curupira: Come with me. I donít like to wait.
Dar: Curupira, heís my friend. Donít you hurt him.
Curupira: Your friends hurt you.

Ketzwayo: The tiger didnít kill him, but Iíll fix that. He has to die before I can kill that little green rat, Curupira. Perhaps youíd like to kill her? No, no, Iím reserving that for myself. She killed me once, so fair is fair.

Ketzwayoís poems to Curupira:

ďRoses are red
Violets are blue
The end is near
For the likes of youĒ

ďItís over for you
and the Beastmaster, too
Revenge is sweet
Dearie, little Funny FeetĒ

Ancient One: I like this game. No luck. No cards. Nothing to throw, just pure intellect. And when I play by myself, I never loose.

Ancient One: Perhaps what Iíve done is wrong, but what I do is neither right nor wrong. It just is. Conscience is a terrible thing. It makes cowards of us all.

Tao: What do you know if this burning forest?
Dar: Itís a place of dead souls.
Tao: Dead souls?
Dar: They go there at the end of the circle of life to suffer.
Tao: Suffering after youíre dead, that presumes a hereafter, another existence.

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