The Quotable Sorceress

The following contains in episode order some of the memorable quotes from the beloved original BeastMaster Sorceress.

The Legend Continues
-I never understood love. Why love? Why hate? There must be answers somewhere.
-To the Ancient One: Proverbs. You give me proverbs when I want answers.
-To Dar: I could be a friend. Perhaps the most important friend you ever had. Or the worst enemy you ever dreamed.
Sometimes life is an illusion.
A Simple Truth
If you want to punish someone, make them suffer, you need to know what they value, and then take it away.
Circle of Life
Human beings can make you crazy.
The Slayer
To eagle Sharak: You were wise to be cautious. I was not. And now we both suffer. I can now remember our love, but you have always remembered it. And yet we can not be together. I wish you could understand me.
The Minotaur
I canít imagine life without having some ability to share thought.
The Chameleon
-To King Zad: A good idea. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
-Appearances are never the truth. If it were, the world would be so boring. There would be nothing beneath the skin, no surprises.
-Anger and demands rarely succeed in getting what human beings want. The virtue of patience has far more success.
A Devil's Deal
Thatís the heart of magic: to fool the natural way of things.
Love is stronger than magic.
Life is a dream, and yours has not yet ended.
About King Zad: So proud. So completely deluded. Now I like that in a man.
-To the Ancient One: Ambiguities. Riddles. Silly proverbs. Thatís all you ever say, never the truth about anything. You never meant to teach me about your world, only tease me and control me.
-You admit to making a mistake? What is this? The day that hell freezes over?
-All this time you say youíve been teaching me, and you have. But what I have learned is to value those things you would have me believe are of no value: like human emotion, love and joy, and hope.
-Feelings are all that matter. Unless you feel, what is there?

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