The Slayer
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The Slayer

Tao: Thatís your friend? The frog? We traveled all the way from the Mydlands for that?
Dar: Well, every journey must have a destination.
Tao: And a point, I would have thought.

Tao: Shortness of breath. Ringing in ears. I hear thatís what happens when you fall in love.
Dar: No.
Tao: Well, itís a powerful state. Some say itís the cure to all things. Others say itís the worst disease you can get.
Dar: Tao, Iím in love with Kyra.
Tao: Yes, but attraction goes beyond loyalties.

Tao: This place was once a circus.
Dar: Whatís a circus?
Tao: A place where people perform tricks and live by their wits.

Tao: Iíve seen a few of these troupes in my travels. Not many of these people are related by blood, mostly by spirit only. They come from everywhere. Some are outcasts. Others come seeking adventure.

Dar: Ruh says never start a fight, but make sure you always finish one.
Tao: Ruh would say that.

Sorceress to the eagle Sharak: The Ancient One did find out, didnít he? You were wise to be cautious. I was not. And now we both suffer. I can now remember our love, but you have always remembered it. And yet we can not be together. I wish you could understand me.

Tao: Why teach a wolf to attack something that looks like a man?
Dar: Sheís teaching it to kill.
Tao: Killing of men doesnít seem like much of a circus trick.

Baha: I do not have them. I am merely a go-between, sent with a message to offer a trade for your friendsí freedom.

Tao: I can see she loves you, too.

Sorceress: You put a curse on that woman, didnít you? You punish her just as you punished me, with loneliness.
Ancient One: Where did you hear that? Have you been communing with Seers? Oh, theyíre such vicious gossips.

Sorceress: Iíve learned many things.
Ancient One: Yes, but not much about any of them.

Tao: The Downs may be more beautiful than the Territories, but Iím starting to think itís much more dangerous. At least in the Territories, you know what the evil is.

Ancient One: All these mortals afflicted by their need for others. Your Zuraya, the Beastmaster, even a prodigy of mine disappoints in that domain. You see, love is a wasteland of need and compulsion. Itís freeing to detach oneself from it, donít you feel?
Seer: I do feel, Ancient One, unlike you. Donít you have compassion for anyone but yourself?
Ancient One: Compassion serves no purpose and neither does this conversation.
Seer: Love created this world. Youíve lost sight of that, and it will be your undoing.

Baha: King Zad once told me he wanted an angel from the sky. The Uplands is close enough.

Tao: What if they wonít fight?
Dar: For their lives? Theyíll fight.
Tao: Iíve seen men who were too afraid before.
Dar: Youíll have to hit them harder this time. Try using your other hand.

Dar: Are you sure you can do this?
Tao: I must. Evil thrives when good men do nothing.

Tao: How dare she do that to me!
Dar: At least I found a way to shut you up when I need to.

Tao: Zuraya, youíre wrong. Baha has your friends.
Zuraya: How do you know?
Tao: Because he does this. He takes people who wonít be missed, like your friends, and sells them as slaves.
Zuraya: He told me he was a go-between.
Tao: Well, heís made himself a very rich man by going between people and their freedom.

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