maste BeastMaster Crazy Captions

BeastMaster Crazy Captions

Have you ever been looking at some photos and you imagine what the character might be thinking or doing? Sometimes it is funny and completely different from what really happened while the photo was taken. Well, I have come across a few BeastMaster screen caps on various pages and couldn't help myself; I just had to add some funny comments.

If you ever see other images and think of a funny caption, let me know the url of the image and your caption. I will be happy to see if I can add it to my page.

And without further ado...  

"Dar tries out for the role of Norman Bates in the Mydlands Drama Company's newest production of Psycho."


Voden says "Ooooh, that's gotta hurt!"


"Tao auditions for Buffy, the Vampire Slayer."


"Dar, do you like my dress? Tell me you like my dress!"


Voden says "Talk to the hand!"


The New Sorceress discovers the strange human phenomenon of sneezing.


The Ancient One is a pioneer in the art of yoga.


"Look! It's Charlie's Angels BeastMaster style!"

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