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The Mystery of the Ancient One

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Ancient One lecturing Sharak

Ancient One with his prize student, the Sorceress

Ancient One encountering the Black Apparition

The Ancient One is the almost god-like figure in the beastmaster's world. He has vast power that may be truly omnipotent. He is older than all else, and an enigma.

Two of his students in the hundreds of thousands of years past were the Sorceress and her lover Sharak. The Ancient One cursed the lovers because human emotion is forbideen to those who work magic. He made Sharak an eagle who will remember his love, but eternally roam the skies. The Sorceress was stripped of her memories and her human emotions. He did change her punishment not to long ago to innundate her with memories that will never go away but only act as a constant reminder of love lost.

The Ancient One presumes himself to be the master of the universe, yet he plays the game of false humility. In "The Umpatra" he played chess with himself. As he told Curupira, when he plays that way he always wins.

He has cursed humans for what may appear to us to be whims. He cursed Zuraya in "The Slayer" with loneliness and that she always seek the man in the shadows. That man could very well be the Black Apparition we learned about in "Circle of Life", the darkest prince of the under world. Zuraya was cursed because she "transgressed". She "sinned", but we are never told what that sin is.

The Ancient One was given a warning by the Seer. Love created the world and he would do well to remember that. It echos the words spoken to him earlier by a human Sharak in "The Last Unicorns". In all the balance of life, love is a part of that balance.

Every once in a while, we get a clue into the Ancient One. In the episode "The Chameleon" he warned the Sorceress against creating the shadow of death. Certain creations can come back to haunt a worker of magic.

We also have a hint that the Ancient One is entangled with the Black Apparition from the Burning Forest. He had a visit from the Apparition in the episode "A Devil's Deal". He said he would treat it with no more mercy than he would his greatest enemy.

We don't know exactly what is coming, but the Black Apparition does steal away the Sorceress. The Ancient One himself, for whatever reason, can not get her back and he needs the help of Sharak, who in turn asks help of Dar. As powerful as he is, the Ancient One does have weaknesses. His misunderstanding of love may return to be his downfall.

Above all this, one of the greatest changes in the Ancient One happened at the end of the first season. He started the series with the appearance of being truly ancient, but he decided to age in reverse order. It was one of his whims that he did simply because he could. By the time we reached the end of the season one finale, the Ancient One looked greatly younger and no longer had the crystals on his head.

This leaves us wondering just what he has in store for all in the Mydlands in season two.

The Black Apparition, the cause of the Ancient One's downfall?

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