The Legend Continues
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The Legend Continues

Tao: Iím not one of them, but if I stay here, theyíll kill me.
Dar: Then donít stay.
Tao: Right. But I also need your help.

Tao: My name is Tao. It means ďthe wayĒ, and I will show it to you.

Sorceress: I never understood love. Why love? Why hate? There must be answers somewhere.

Sorceress: Youíre quiet.
Ancient One: Fools talk. The wise listen.
Sorceress: Proverbs. You give me proverbs when I want answers.
Ancient One: Proverbs are the daughters of experience and the way to answers.

Tao: Whatís wrong?
Dar: I donít know. I feel like the gazelle. I just canít see the lion.

Tao: People who do evil expect evil.

Tao: The eagleís a friend of yours, too?
Dar: Heís Sharak. Heís older than these rocks.
Tao: Impossible. They come from the great age of ice, a million years ago.
Dar: So does he. A sorcerer took away his ability to die.
Tao: But watching life come and go like that... he must be lonely.
Dar: Thatís why he has me. Iím his friend. He lets me see what he sees.
Tao: But someday you will come to an end. He wonít. Heíll be lonely again.

Dar: Youíre always asking me about the animals. Tell me about you.
Tao: My tribe is very far from here.
Dar: Where?
Tao: The middle of the world, I think.

Tao: There are many things in life worse than being killed.

King Zad: Patience is a foolish virtue. It never gets you what you want when you want it.

Tao: Dar, does the tiger have a name?
Dar: His name is Ruh. It means headstrong and powerful.
Tao: At least that makes sense.

Dar: Nothing is impossible. Nothing.

Tao: Wisdom, if you find it, I believe, should be used for good.

Dar: Who are you?
Sorceress: I could be a friend. Perhaps the most important friend you ever had. Or the worst enemy you ever dreamed.

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