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Tao: You see, some men have worthwhile quests. They wouldnít travel all this way to satisfy some rats.
Dar: Tao, theyíre not rats. Besides, the Downs are the only place where the silken nutmeat grows.
Tao: Just my luck.
Dar: Itís all about the gifts of nature and enjoying a good journey.
Tao: Let me guess. The journey yields aching feet.

Manjusa: This could have been me. It should have been me.
Dar: Every man has his time. When it should be you, it will be you.

Dar: What are you? Are you a goddess?
Guardian: Nothing so hard to understand. More like a midwife.

Guardian: Those men are not holy men. They must leave the mountain.
Dar: I donít understand.
Guardian: Some places must not be explored.

Dar: A man who fears death has already died many times.

Ancient One: I know, I know. You have this childlike love for sound. No, itís not...itís music because that makes mortals feel better.

Ancient One: You think Iíve become different. I canít be different. Iím the original. Whatever I become is still me. You see, when you become wiser youíll realize itís a healthy form of metamorphosis. Caterpillar turns into butterfly. Ancient One becomes more merciful.

Manjusa: Ramahís promised us answers.
Tao: Be very wary of a man who makes promises.

Guardian: The urge for life is strong. You had to let go to become who you are. Letting go is always the path forward.
Dar: Are you from the Ancestors?
Guardian: No, but some say Iím as old as the hills, and theyíd be right.

Guardian: If you mean no harm, get out of harmís way.

Ancient One: If a gift is not accepted, it is returned to the bestower.
Students challenge teachers. Itís inevitable, possible even good. Possibly even necessary, but so predictable.

Ramah: He who holds the gate is the gate.

Ancient One: For some odd reason, even to an elevated being as my self, there is nothing quite so sad as loosing the one you love.

Tao: I know the world isnít fair, and I would never ask for myself, but he returned the liquid rock. He has done everything to save the gate of life and death. And this creature, itís a part of him, and if it dies part of Darís life is gone.
Dar: Tao...
Tao: No, no, you see... I know him. I know what heís thinking. I know him well. He lost his mother.
Guardian: I remember.
Tao: And he went back to that loss. He went back to Valhalla to live it again.
Guardian: Heís done even more than that.
Tao: Then just this once, must death be final? for all the lives taken here and for all that he has done to safeguard the stone, isnít one life owed?
Guardian: This is a holy man.

Tao: You owe me. Big time. How do you like that?
Dar: Seems grateful to me.

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