Tao's Map of the BeastMaster's World

Tao is an Eiron scholar sent out from his village to chart the world of his travels and spread knowledge. In "The Legend Continues" Tao said that his tribe comes from the "middle of the world". He also says of his mission of knowledge: "Wisdom, I believe, if you find it, should be used for good."

Thanks to Tao's abilities as scholar and map-maker, we know of these places in the BeastMaster's world.

Tao's map from 'The Island'


This is the home of the BeastMaster and was the home of the Sula's before they were Slaughtered by the Terrons.

Eiron home-land

This is unknown where specifically it is. Tao only said that it was somewhere in the middle of the world he thinks. For a person who can make a map, this is a rather vague answer. He might have been hiding a secret of his people or home lands.


The village Tao visited before being sent to The Island. The people in the village were extremely narrow-minded and afraid of the clever tricksters, the Eiron.

The Territories

This is the home of the Terrons, but they seem to be everywhere in the Mydlands and the other places of the BeastMaster's world. Tao hates the Terrons and says evil reigns in the Territories.


This is the abandoned village where Kyra hid when she escaped from the Terrons before being taken away by the Sorceress.


Macodia is led by Castrone, an evil man the Amazons hope to exact revenge upon. In Macodia, marriages are pre-arranged by him and there are no other approved unions. Anything in defiance is met by death.

The Downs

This was the home of the unicorns the Sorceress created. It had unusual colors different from the Mydlands.

The Burning Forest

This is the home of the Black Apparition, the Daughter of Darkness. Evil people go here when they end the "circle of life". It is the BeastMaster version of Hell.


The village of Minoa was forced to give King Zad human sacrifices for his Minotaur. Tao found this out the hard way when he was captured by the Minoans to be thrown in the pit for the beast's next lunch.


Samaria is the home of artisans and strange children, or so thinks Dar. The family of the chameleon child came from here. The child's father seems to be the true and original inventor of the Frisbee (tm).

Working on the map in 'Riddle of the Nymph'

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