Tao, the Inquisitive Eiron

Tao's winning smile from 'Riddle of the Nymph'

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Character profile for Season One

Tao is Dar's friend and sidekick on BeastMaster: The Legend Continues. From the first episode we see that Tao is very clever indeed. He may be a sidekick and in need of Dar's help, but he has plenty of his own to give.

Tao is a font of knowledge. He is a scholar of his people and was sent out both to spread and gather more knowledge. Whenever he and Dar enter a new situation, Tao usually has some information about it. There is rarely a new place or culture that Tao doesn't know. His mind is excited by knowledge and possibilities.

Besides being the person you'd most want to take on Mydlands Jeopardy with you, Tao has a romantic side. In the episode "Amazons," Dar and Tao save a girl from death by snake bite poison. Tao has many scenes with the girl Melina, and we learn about his past. We also learn that this character is a man of honor. He did not take advantage of her when she was sick with delerium and thought he was her dead lover. She tried to kiss him, but he hesitated. She asked him did she not love her. When he replied "with all my heart" and kissed her on the forehead, Tao stole my heart right there.

Who could not love that? If you don't, you have no sense of romance. When Tao said that women don't seem to take to him, he got it all wrong. The majority of the fans on the Internet are fans of the show first because of Tao.

The friends meet in 'The Legend Continues'

A character like Tao is also new to television because he has shown growth over the season. He begins as a clumsy and frightened young man hiding in the bushes. He asks for Dar's help and there begins Tao's greater adventures. Tao may still be frightened and clumsy, but he hides his fear and learns to defend himself. He even gains wisdom in the area of love. He began as one not knowing why love was worth the sacrifice to one who wisely gives Dar advice when he is tempted away from Kyra.

The growth of Tao and more BeastMaster is what I want to see. I love the Eiron and he is one of the reasons I keep turning back to the show.

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