Tears of the Sea
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Tears of the Sea

Gilan: A boat with a dress?
Tao: Yeah, it saves me from paddling.

Dar: Tao is the man who has learned to make the wind his friend.
Mataffa: And now a friend of mine.

Tusi: Where is Ruh?
Dar: Heís on a hunt. Well, at least thatís what he said heís doing.
Gilan: You must be the beastmaster who tames the wild beasts.
Dar: It is them who tame me.

Tao: Interesting initiation...I had to recite so many legends of my people. It took many suns. A lot of my elders fell asleep.
Dar: This is only the beginning.
Tao: Oh...Sorry.

Tusi: My father said the greatest courage comes from accepting your weaknesses.
Dar: He's right...at least all men have weaknesses. Look at Tao for example. Small. Scrawny. Definitely no muscles and no coordination, but he's still a man because he takes responsibility. Does the work of his people, respects the animals, the land, the water and other tribes. That's the true sign of a man, Tusi. Do no harm and protect others.
Tusi: I want to be a man. Like Tao!

Tao: Do you really believe that what you said to Tusi is what makes a man?
Dar: Tao, there are three kinds of men.
Tao: Only three?
Dar: There's the man who does, the man who tries, and the man who knows no success because he doesn't have the heart to fail. Tusi's the first kind, and so are you.

Tao: You know, this whole manhood test. Stealing some coral from an eel that swallows you whole. How does it prove you're a man? Sounds more like a Terron thing to me.
Dar: If there was a mantiga, it probably would be a Terron thing.

Leilani: A boy becomes a man when the women trust the gentleness of his strength and the men trust the strength of it.

Dar: Tao, I wish I could breathe underwater.
Tao: You can.
Dar: I'm not a fish, Tao.
Tao: No...but you have a friend with a very imaginative mind.

Tao: Iím not finished yet. You see, sometimes the imagination and ingenuity call for one more ingredient. I need one more part for the recipe.

Tao: Goat stomach. Excellent! Can I borrow this? Itís for a little something Iím cooking up. I am brilliant!

Dar: Is he dead?
Sanu: Can a spirit ever die?

Mutoa: The spirit of a mighty warrior never dies.

Dar: The truth is never wrong.

Tao: Some say that life never ends. It only changes form.

Tao: If I didn't see that I would never believe it. The myth is real. And you know the only one who believed it was the craziest man in the village. It's amazing what you can learn from someone that everybody thinks is crazy.
Dar: Yeah...sure have learned a lot from you.

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