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Tao whispering: Death happens all the time in the forest. Itís the natural way of things. No one knows that better than this tiger.
[Ruh growls.]
Tao with normal voice: Donít give me that arggh thing! Thereís life and thereís death. Thatís just the way it is. Itís natural.

Dar: Killing is never the answer.

Tao: Did you see the way she was looking at me?
Dar: At you?
Tao: She gave me the look.
Dar: Oh, the look.

Jem: We were just going to eat. Youíre welcome to join us.
Tao: Oh, nothing makes a man hungrier than a naked wo-- a swim! A swim, a naked swim. And a long journey...naked.
Jem: All journeys end.
Nye: But hunger never ends.
Jem: Appetites must be fed, again and again

Tao: Are you all right?
Dar: He's angry with me.
Tao: Did he say why?
Dar: He says I should know why.
Tao: Great...Now the tiger's being enigmatic.

Dar: They may be small, but the heart of the cat is still the same as any tigerís. Kodo and Podo know that.

Nye: What do our cats say to you?
Dar: They really like ferrets...
Tao: Theyíre being polite. Nothing could like ferrets.
Dar: eat.

Terron: You bite and spit. I love that in a woman!

Ancient One: The talent of mimicry--shared by certain birds and favored by small children.

The rose, you see, is a lovely thing because at some point it dies.

Beauty, like life, has value because itís fleeting.

King Zad: Itís true. The greatest gift I have is myself.

I have no master. I have no rival--only my own myriad desires and appetites to appease.

Sorceress: Thatís a dangerous thought for you to have.
King Zad: Oh, ho! Danger is my meat and drink.
Sorceress: Then be careful not to choke on it.

Dar: This isnít working. Youíll have to use the other gift.
Tao: Which one?
Dar: Persuasion.
Tao: It doesnít work on you. Iíve got a feeling sheís more stubborn than you are.

Sorceress: Playing the cuckoo, Ancient One? Stealing the beastmasterís nest when heís absent?
Ancient One: Borrowing, not stealing.
Sorceress: Lying as well.
Ancient One: Coloring the truth. Itís a tool of the trade.

Ancient One: Moral judgments are not my game.

I donít think. I know.

Tao: Dar, if they want us to find her, itís a trap. Why are we rushing to fall into it?

Tao: The twins have this weakness. Their strength lies in their togetherness.
Dar: So does ours.
Tao: Weíre just as strong as individuals. All my strength is up here, and all of yours...well itís all over.

Dar: What about their weapons?
Tao: Bows and arrows, thatís your responsibility.
Dar: The vines?
Tao: I didnít think about the vines.
Dar: ďI didnít think about the vines.Ē

Tao: Unlike you and Jem, Dar and I donít have to do everything together.

Jem: I told you. Weíre different!
Tao: Difference is good. I find variety to be the spice of life.

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