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If you have watched BeastMaster and have loved the ferrets, maybe you want to have one of your own. This page can help give you a little more information about a future pet like Kodo or Podo!

This is probably the first thing you want to know after watching BeastMaster: Do ferrets REALLY make those squeaks and squeals like Kodo and Podo?

No, that is a bit of TV magic. Real ferrets do not make very loud sounds at all. They can hiss when frightened or they make a clucking kind of sound when happy.

Next... How do you take care of them?

Ferret care is fairly easy. They do need yearly feline *and* canine distemper shots from the vetrinarian. Ask your vet about rabies shots.

They -can- be treated somewhat like cats. For example, ferrets do use litter boxes and it is possible for them to eat cat food. A quality ferret food is better for the animal. It meets their nutritrional needs and makes for cleaner eliminations.

Ferrets also need grooming and bathing. It is for the animal's safety to trim the toe nails. Regular baths will help reduce the ferret's natural odor and will also help the coat be softer.

Interesting Ferret Facts

Ferrets have 40 teeth!

Queen Victoria had albino ferrets and gave kits (baby ferrets) as gifts.

Ferret life expectancy is 8 to 11 years.

Ferret fact from Melissa
"The word ferret comes from Middle English furet, ferret, from Middle French furet, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin furittus, literally, little thief, diminutive of Latin fur thief."

Look at us! Aren't we cute?

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