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~ So who is Daniel Fitzgerald? ~

Daniel Fitzgerald plays the character of Sharak in those rare moments on BeastMaster when Sharak gets to be a human. Like many involved with the series, Daniel hails from Australia. The role of Sharak was his first professional acting job. He is also involved in modelling, voice over work, e-commerce and other personal and professional interests.

While a relative newcomer to acting, he is a favorite for BeastMaster fans who love the Sharak and Sorceress back story. A testimony to Daniel's popularity as Sharak can be found in many examples of BeastMaster fan fiction available on the web. There are a growing number of stories featuring the human Sharak, and without Daniel we would not know who that is!

Producers, remember this so we can keep seeing more of Daniel as Sharak!

~ Dan has appeared in these first season episodes: ~

The Last Unicorns
Circle of Life (recycled footage from The Last Unicorns)
The Slayer
The Guardian
The Burning Forest

Season Two:

Recycled images of Dan as Sharak were used in the episode "Rage".
It is also rumored from two different sources that Daniel will appear in a new season two episode tentatively titled "The Birds".

When I began to know Daniel personally, it was quite obvious that he is a funny, intelligent and interesting man who will succeed at anything he endeavors to do. Of luck and his future success, Daniel has said:

"Luck and I have a symbiotic relationship; I make my own luck, and my own luck makes me. Simultaneously."

Daniel Fitzgerald

Keeper of the Mydlands


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