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Tao: Darís soul is on a journey and heís reliving the events that changed his life.

Dar: You are the boys mother, are you not?
Mother: Yes.
Dar: Were I to hurt him, I should better harm myself.

Mother: Dar, you must obey your father.
Young Dar: Iím not a child any more. Iím a warrior. I donít want to leave father. Iím afraid Iíll lose him.
Mother: The time lost will be short. Besides, losing something makes you cherish even more what it is that you still have.

Shaman: He will only become whole in Valhalla, a place that exists between heaven and hell.

Father: Earth. Wind. And Fire. Travel, my wife, for this day you have earned paradise.

Father: Itís alright. I know who you are and I know youíre looking for answers in... Valhalla.
Dar: Yes. Iím in Valhalla, but for me itís a place of terrible memories.
Father: I understand. You have come back because you think you need forgiveness for your motherís death. She forgives you.
Dar: Itís my fault.
Father: You can not change destiny, but you can guide my son.
Dar: I am your... you mean guide myself.

Tao: I know you donít like me asking a lot of questions, but am I here?

Dar: To have to live through this again. To have to watch the people dearest to me taken away. Before, I couldnít tell you how I felt. I came back to say what I was unable to save them. I love you both and I always will. Youíre in my thoughts always.

Dar: Earth. Wind. And Fire. Travel, my father, for today you have earned paradise.

Young Dar: Will you come with me?
Dar: Of course I will. Iím always with you.

Curupira: Do you understand my punishment? Then fulfill your fatherís promise and save my tigers, or Iíll do the same to you.

Young Dar: Will I ever be worthy of my father?
Dar: Fate has a plan for you, as it does for everyone.

Shaman: The past, the present, the future. In Valhalla, they are one. They are only a moment, fleeting. You must treasure them because they are gone quickly, like life.

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