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Tao: My gift is my brain and it tells me to stay away from snakes.

Prince to Baha: You know... when the last slave is gone, when there are no more animals to sell, perhaps then you will learn, my friend, that you can not eat the shiny stones.

Baha: You said I would learn something. Now you learn this. I am not what I seem and there are some things more important than shiny stones.

Tao: You both live with an obsession for someone you love, but understand this. Obsession is the mother of all madness. It will kill you.

Dar: He means no harm.
Tao: But neither does a snake hidden in the grass until you step on it.

Tao: Oh, this is terrible. Every place in the Territories is terrible. Even the sun thinks itís terrible. It never shines here!

Baha about Ruh: He is not like the others. He has a soul from another place.

Tao: This is not a good idea.
Dar: Just be careful. Thatís it. Hold tight. Use your hands.
Tao: Right, because if I used my brain, I wouldnít be doing this.

Baha: You want your tiger cub. I want my beast. Do you think, Prince, that we ever get what we want, or are we simply obsessed, chasing something we can simply never have?

Dar: I donít want to kill you.
Akili: No man wants to die, but every man has his time.

Dar: As a man, I think differently.

Sorceress: I believe you, Beastmaster. I only wish you would believe me. Sometimes life is an illusion.

Dar: Did you see what she did?
Tao: Seeing is easy. Understanding? Thatís a little more difficult.

Tao: One thing I do know is we didnít create this world. We are just a part of it, and whatever we do to it, we do to ourselves.

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