The Compassion of Dar, the BeastMaster

Dar, The BeastMaster

Dar in 'Amazons'

Character profile for Season One

Dar is the last surviving member of the Sula tribe. The Sula were all killed by merciless Terrons when Dar was around 10 to 12 years of age. Dar saw his own motherís death. He helped his father complete the mission to get the special Sula tigers to safety as was bid by Curupira. During all this, Darís father, also a beastmaster, was killed, and his betrothed Kyra was captured by the Terrons. From then on, he was alone.

Dar from 'Circle of Life' When Dar was about 15 years old he underwent Curupiraís test to become a beastmaster. As he grew, Dar learned his fighting skills from watching the animals around him. He learned fast attack from the snake, cooperation from the ants, and defense from the wolves.

Dar has been on his life quest to protect Curupiraís animals and to find Kyra and free her from the Terrons. During one attempt to liberate Kyra, Dar met a traveling scholar, and Eiron named Tao. Tao has been his friend ever since and has helped Dar in his search.

As an adult, Dar has personal characteristics that are quite unusual in the world of the Terrons. Dar respects life and has empathy and compassion for others. He tries to protect the innocent from anyone who would do harm. He will readily offer help without being asked and without consideration to personal safety. He is also a man of honor not to be corrupted by flesh or power. He prefers his simple life and hates anything artificial like sorcery.

Dar fishing in 'The Minotaur'
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