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Dar: I know gourds.
Tao: But you donít know what Iím going to do with these gourds.
Donít you want to know? Actually, youíre right. sometimes itís better to show than to tell.

Tao: All I know is donít look a gift horse in the mouth, even if that horse belongs to a Terron.
Dar: But knowing and reasoning is what you do best.
Tao: Normally it is, but not when Iím in this much pain.

Sorceress: Sharak. I did it.
Sharak: You take chances.
Sorceress: Not so many. Iíve learned a great deal since we were together.
Sharak: And forgotten just as much.
Sorceress: You sound just like him.
Sharak: The Ancient One knows everything. Heíll make you pay.

Sorceress: Love is stronger than magic.
Sharak: Is it?
Sorceress: You used to think so. Are you so changed?
Sharak: Time... time changes everything.

Sorceress: Must you control everything?
Ancient One: Yes... and no. Fate is a province over which none have dominance.

King Zad: I sent this man to bring me new flesh. You bring me back dead meat!

King Zad: I donít fear enemies, Qord. Enemies are the offspring of great conquests. If I could, I would clutch each one of them to my breast and suckle them like tender babes before extinguishing their pitiful lives.

Ancient One: Sadly, fate spares none and all must bow. So itís time, dear Kyra. Go now and meet your destiny. Though my powers are legion, even I canít fight fate.

King Zadís soliloquy: Dissension. You can smell it. A vile odor. How far has the poison spread, I wonder. You take me for a fool, Qord. Beastmasterís no killer. Thatís what I do.

Kyra: What do you want from me?
King Zad: I want to feel your fight before I take it from you.

King Zad: How many others are against me?
Kyra: I am sure there are many others, but I acted alone.

Tao: Maybe itís a good sign. Maybe Zadís losing control.
Dar: Would that be a good thing?
Tao: Are you saying weíre better off with a devil we know?
Dar: No, Iím not saying that. I just have a feeling about it.
Tao: A good feeling or bad feeling?
Dar: I have a bad feeling about that gourd of yours.
Tao: Oh, this. This? You are going to love this. This will be my best invention ever. Promise you!
Dar: It leaks.
Tao: Exactly.

King Zad: Where is he? Where is your precious Beastmaster?
Tao: What gave me away, the limp?

King Zad: I was powerless. Once. As a boy, my father ruled with an iron fist. Savage man. Unyielding. I was afraid of him. I hated him. I watched. I learned, and one day I killed him. Think that barbaric, Kyra? Unnatural, even?
Kyra: Nothing surprises me.
King Zad: Oh, I felt a little strange about what I had done, but the feeling didnít last. And Iíve never bowed to another man since and I never shall!

King Zad: One thing Iíve learned: What you canít escape, you should embrace.

King Zad: Whereís the Beastmaster. Speak, grub.
Tao: Why donít you tell me. Youíre the one with a superior view.
King Zad: It always amazes me how you manage to keep your sense of humor. I admire with and courage in a man, particularly one in your position. Itís almost a pity youíre about to die such a horrible death.

King Zad: Did you see what that slave of the Beastmasterís did to me? Iíll have sore ribs for days.

Ancient One: Youth is full of hope. It doesnít just enjoy illusion. It believes it.

Ancient One: Power is a delicious plum to the victor. Unfortunately, someone always has to lose.

Tao: Curiosity is a great strength and weakness for my people.

Tao: When you spend so much time inside your own head, you tend to lose touch with your body.

Tao: So your little uprising failed?
Qord: Yes. Luck was with the beast once again.
Tao: I once heard it said that the devil looks after his own.
Qord: It is also said ďmy enemyís enemy is my friend.Ē Do you think the Beastmaster and I could be friends?

Dar: I could never trust you, Qord. You only want to defeat Zad so you can replace his evil with that of your own.
Qord: Youíll never get another offer like this, Beastmaster. You may regret rejecting it so easily.
Tao: No man should regret what is right, regardless of the consequences.

Ancient One: As for the words ďfateĒ and ďfairĒ, why they donít even belong in the same universe!

Ancient One: Donít begrudge the Beastmaster this moment of happiness. Itís just that. A moment. Like all human experiences and emotions, itís a fragile and transitory thing. Over and gone, almost as soon as itís begun.

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