Tao's Brother
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Tao's Brother

Tao: This silence is disturbing. Eirons donít like silence. We like to keep in touch.
Dar: You mean you just like to talk.
Tao: Dar, this is serious. If the Eirons want to drive the blood priests out of Xinca, we each need to know what the other is doing. And I heard of a new leader who is planning an attack against the brotherhood and now nothing...
Dar: Perhaps he doesnít want to risk giving away his plans.
Tao: Well, he canít do this by himself. He needs the help of Eirons like me.
Dar: If he truly is a leader, donít you think heíd be wise enough to know that?

Kim: Let her go!
Maloc: Wait! Itís not every day I meet someone who speaks openly, someone who doesnít know enough to be afraid. Are there others like you?
Kim: More than you can imagine.
Maloc: Really? And where are they? IN the market place? In the mountains? Donít try my patience.
Kim: Iím ready to try more than that.

Tao: Nothing. Thereís always messages here. Something is definitely wrong.
Dar: Youíre right. Listen. Thereís no birds. Thereís no animals in the trees.
Tao: Dar, you know I'm talking about the message drop?
Dar: Yeah, I know. Somethingís frightened or driven them away.
Tao: So now youíre telling me the animals have disappeared, too?
Dar: Yeah.

Tao: What is it?
Dar: Itís Maloc and the Brotherhood. Someoneís challenging them for power.
Tao: Who? Letís find out.
Dar: No! Stay here. Itís too dangerous for you in Xinca.
Tao: Dar, this is my fight.
Dar: Well, letís not lose you in the first battle.

Maloc: Iíve never seen you before. What makes this your fight? Are you an Eiron?
Kim: What I am doesnít matter. What matters is your reign of terror is about to end.
People of Xinca, there are brave men among you whoíd fight this evil. Our time is here. Our time is now!

Dar: Get out of here!
Kim: No! This is my fight!
Dar: And youíll lose it if you don't go now!

Dar: Tao, no! Itís over! Weíre leaving! Tao: No!
Dar: Weíre going!
Tao: No!
Dar: Weíre going!
Tao: Whereís the one who challenged Maloc?
Dar: Theyíre gone just like us. Now move!

Tao: When I saw Maloc, all I felt was anger. Itís known my family have a quick temper. I thought I had it under control.
Dar: Tao, you canít fight your enemy in anger no matter how just your cause. You have to defeat them, not become like them.
Tao: I know. It just looks so easy. When you finish them off, the problemís gone.
Dar: If it was, anyone could do it. Evil canít be defeated with hatred or revenge.

Tao: This road looks like it could last forever.
Dar: This is whatís driven the animals away.
Tao: Whatís wrong with that possum?
Dar: He says that the animals here are no longer safe because the people who use this road are hunting them for food and cutting down their homes for firewood.
Tao: Dar, the road isnít that big.
Dar: Itís in the wrong place.

Dar: This road is causing trouble.
Nord: Trouble for who?
Dar: The animals that live here.
Nord: Youíre that Beastmaster, arenít you?
Dar: Yes.
Nord: King Voden told me about you. He doesnít like you much. Now get out of here.
Dar: This is Vodenís idea?
Nord: Isnít everything?

Maloc: If thereís a rebellion, we will smother the fire before it begins. Bring him to me alive.

Dar: Whereís Voden?
Arina: Doing what he does best: conquering a little more for the world.
Dar: And he put you in charge of the road.
Arina: Among other things. Why?
Dar: Itís in the wrong place. Put it somewhere else.
Arina: Thatís a little difficult. Itís part of his new vision.
Dar: What vision?
Arina: Heís building many roads extending to the four corners of the world, and then more roads in between connecting like a spider web. All roads lead to Xinca.
Dar: Thisíll change the face of the world.
Arina: Yes. The world is changing, Dar. Like it or not, men like Voden help shape its destiny. You have to learn to live with it like the rest of us.

Dar: These roads are different...
...and they will destroy everything in their path.
Arina: A lot of things men build do that.

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