Tao's Map of the BeastMaster's World
Season Two

Dar and Tao consulting his trusty map in 'Ghosts of the Forest'
Photo from BeastMaster World Order

Tao and Dar find out much more of the world in their adventures of for season two of BeastMaster, including a trek to Tao's homeland. Let's find all the people and places that our pair of friends have discovered.


The Mydlands are home for Dar, but they are not much seen in Season Two because of the adventure to the rest of the world.

Iara's Island

This is the island inhabited only by beautiful women. Men go here in search of adventure, but beware! They don't survive long because they are turned into pigs and eaten.

Tao, master map-maker and adventurer
Photo from SapphireMage.


Finally we see Tao's home! It is a city in the middle of the world where all lanes of travel converge. It was once home to the Eirons, but during Tao's adventures in the Mydlands (season one) Xinca was taken over by evil Blood Priests who vow to exterminate every Eiron that yet lives.

The Territories

King Zad ruled the Territories and his tribe of Terrons. The Territories were invaded by the Nords and all of Zad's Terrons murdered. Only Zad escaped to the mountains vowing to return with better weapons to exact revenge.

The Land of the Nords

The Nord land is not seen. They left because of glacial ice covering everything and found a new home in the Territories. Interestingly, the Nords have the power to be all over the world beause they have also been found in Xinca, the home of Tao.

Tao, the inspiration to cartographers everywhere
Photo from dars-home.com.

Keeper of the Mydlands


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